Enchanting Forests Around The World

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These forests around the world, decorated with enchanting green plants, mossy stones, and blossoming flowers transport you into the pages of a fairytale. Including the forest in Germany that allegedly inspired the haunting children’s stories of the Brothers Grimm (if you have read the original works), rainforests in Canada that house mystical cream-colored Spirit Bears, and a forest in Belgium that blossoms millions of violet tinted bluebells every spring, these destinations are unique and truly mesmerizing. Spend hours or days touring these magical, forested areas- you just need a pocketful of breadcrumbs to lead you home.

Yakushima National Park, Great Bear Rainforest, Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area, Białowieża Forest, Gorbeia Natural Park, Hallerbos, Black Forest

  • Yakushima National Park, Japan

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      One of the oldest evergreen forests in the world, the Yakushima Forest that sprawls out along the subtropical island of Yakushima in Japan is a bewitching array of ancient cedar trees. Featuring cool air, mossy rocks, picturesque traditional Japanese architecture hidden amongst emerald greens and hiking trails, this forest is a captivating and often overlooked hidden gem.

  • Great Bear Rainforest, Canada

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      Aligned with thousand-year-old cedar trees, vast wilderness, and home to the rare, cream-colored Spirit Bears, the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia is a vast oasis that is hard to access but worth the visit. One of the last temperate rainforests sprawled in North America, the Great Bear Rainforest is a captivating, one-of-a-kind experience.

  • Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area, Taiwan

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      The Taipingshan National Forest in Taiwan stuns year-round, with the changing seasons accentuating the various picturesque aspects, from blooming wildflowers in spring to freshly snow-capped mountains in the winter. A vast area that encompasses forests throughout regions, explore abandoned railroad tracks coated in moss, towering ancient trees, and quaint streams at this mesmerizing forested destination.

  • Białowieża Forest in Poland, Poland

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      The Bialowieza Forest is a sprawling area of ancient primeval forests past and home to hundreds of rare European bison. A vast, sprawling terrain of picturesque trails to explore, mossy trees, and lush greenery in every direction, the Bialowieza is an enchanting destination that is steeped in both history and culture- a must for any forest lover.

  • Gorbeia Natural Park, Spain

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      The mystical, winding roads of the forested area in Gorbeia National Park are soaked in foggy mist, decorated with sprawling, mossy trees, and lined with lush greenery. This magnificent forest can be found in Northern Spain and stands out for its unique witchy trees, quaint streams, and carpet of auburn leaves. The surrounding National Park has a vast array of gorgeous scenery and adventures to uncover.

  • Hallerbos, Belgium

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      The Hallerbos forest in Belgium is a peaceful woodland coated in gleaming purple bluebells that isn't too far from Brussels. Blooming every spring without fail, the Hallerbos Forest is famously tinted in violet-blue from thousands of small flowers coating the entire forest floor. Belgium is famous for well-preserved forests with powerful trees and picturesque scenery, but this forest is truly enchanting with its unique flora array dipped in mystical hues.

  • Black Forest, Germany

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      The birthplace of the famously rich and chocolatey Black Forest cake, and legendary inspiration for the mysterious bedtime tales by the Brothers Grimm, The Black Forest is a true fairytale destination. Encompassing winding forest trails beneath evergreen canopies, small German villages, and ancient castles, these forests are filled with history, culture, and perhaps- a gingerbread house or two.