Easter Weekend Getaways

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Looking for a last-minute weekend getaway this Easter? Whether you have big plans or are just enjoying some major r&r, we have selected some of the best spring destinations for a quick trip away with the entire family. From metropolitan cities to endless fields of tulips in the great outdoors- these destinations feature balmy temperatures, incredible scenery, outdoorsy fun, and sparkling city skylines.

District of Columbia, Sedona, Skagit Valley, Honolulu, Big Sur, Bay St. Louis

  • District of Columbia in Washington, United States

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      Fluffy pink cherry blossoms, historical landmarks, authentic charm, and metropolitan flair wrapped into one- this capital city needs to be on your bucket list. Enjoy days uncovering history, shopping at local boutiques, touring gorgeous parks, and spend your nights indulging in some of the country's finest dining.

  • Sedona, United States

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      Easily one of the most visually stunning landscapes in the United States, Sedona is famed for its towering red rock structures, spiritual energy, and warm color scheme. All-encompassing with dynamic scenery, a gorgeous climate, and plenty of breathtaking sights to see Sedona is a great escape for the spring.

  • Skagit Valley in Washington, United States

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      Known famously for seemingly endless tulip fields that mark the Skagit Valley annual tulip festival which lasts throughout April- Skagit Valley is for travelers looking to get in touch with pristine nature. Rich in both nature and art, Skagit Valley encompasses endless fields, gorgeous farms, and plenty of outdoorsy fun.

  • Honolulu, United States

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      The cosmopolitan city and beach life intertwine at this world-class destination, Honolulu is the capital city of gorgeous Hawaii. A slice of paradise to spruce up your spring, uncover landmarks, fine dining, incredible shopping, and outdoor fun along the coast.

  • Big Sur, United States

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      California's idyllic Big Sur is never a bad idea, with delicious restaurants, gorgeous coastlines, and endless activities to uncover. Enjoy the finer aspects of life along with untouched nature and balmy mid-spring temperatures. Along with endless art galleries, outdoorsy fun, and picturesque scenery.

  • Bay St. Louis, United States

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      If you are seeking a quaint getaway in a small town, look no further than the peaceful St Louis, a city situated on Gulf Coast. With a heavy influence of Creole culture, incorporating both French and African influences- St Louis has a unique cultural landscape combined with visual scenery that makes for a vacation to remember.