Easily Walkable Cities Around The World

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Sensible shoes are essential for this list-we put together some of the world’s most exciting and walkable destinations for a fun itinerary uncovering hidden gems, iconic landmarks, and memories to last a lifetime. Walkable cities are excellent for getting a taste of local life and having a chance to see past the usual tourist landmarks. These are some of our favorite cities to spend the day exploring by foot from NYC to Singapore- let’s step into the world’s most easily walkable cities for your next excursion.

Singapore, Amsterdam, Salzburg, Lisbon, Metropolitan City of Venice, San Francisco, New York

  • Singapore

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      Ranked as the second most walkable city in the world, Singapore is a sprawling metropolis of beautiful sights to uncover. With reliable public transport, breathtaking botanical gardens, and tonnes of mouthwatering street food (perfect for a midday pick me up), it's no wonder Singapore is one of the easiest cities to explore on foot.

  • Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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      Boat along canals, bike alongside established architecture, and walk through Amsterdam’s famous city center. Clean, easy, and safe, Amsterdam is an international city that allows travelers to uncover its wonders by foot. Stroll down iconic roadways, sample some local cafes, and tour the endless eclectic boutiques.

  • Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria

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      A gorgeous collection of Austrian charm, Salzburg is a walkable treasure that encompasses ornate buildings, mountain views, and effervescent market squares. Salzburg’s famed city center is easy to walk through and is full of enough activities to fill up any itinerary at this bustling tourist destination.

  • Lisbon in Lisbon, Portugal

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      Witness stunning views, have an adventure on vintage trolleys, and uncover endless fun at this beautiful Portuguese destination. Thanks to a hilly landscape, Lisbon is brimming with epic scenery, and plentiful squares full of outdoor cafes, restaurants, and benches to rest up for a full itinerary of exploration.

  • Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

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      Famously a pedestrian/ floating destination- you can tour Venice by boat, or explore its hidden gems, and gorgeous balmy views by foot. We give you permission to ~wander~, get lost amongst historical sights, gelato shops, and stunning architecture, reflecting against canals with a fresh espresso in hand.

  • San Francisco, United States

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      Bikeable, walkable *and* with excellent public transport- SF is a destination for anyone looking to embrace a laid-back city lifestyle. Hundreds of restaurants, bars, boutiques, and more are all sprawled out in this semi-hilly city (and while we get the hills being kinda intimidating- we promise the views are worth it). Explore the iconic Chinatown neighborhood, tour the happening downtown, and more.

  • New York, United States

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      Recognized as one of the most walkable destinations in the U.S, NYC is full of miles and miles of exciting sights and activities. While attractions are spread out, NY also has a famously well-organized subway that can take just minutes to connect travelers to their destinations. Any neighborhood throughout the city is blossoming with beautiful sights, fascinating architecture, funky cafes, and more to uncover (it literally changes all the time!). So take a stroll down the Brooklyn Bridge for a legendary look at the Manhattan skyline, or tour the industrial, hip side streets of Soho- NY is perfect for a walkable adventure.