Destinations That Feel Unreal

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Golden temples reflecting in blue waters, pigs swimming in a tropical paradise, and a mysterious eye-shaped geological feature staring right into outer space- this list features some of our planet's most otherworldly destinations. Whether you want to travel to a hidden hilltop village in Italy for some artistic inspo, or spend the day exploring the lush forests of China, this list is for the adventurous and creative.

Civita di Bagnoregio, Grand Prismatic Spring, Richat Structure, Sri Harmandir Sahib, Pig Beach, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Kuang Si Waterfall, Uyuni Salt Flat

  • Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

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      This Italian hilltop city is a time-traveling step into the past, Civita Di Bagnoregio is comprised of old architecture, cozy wine bars, tasty restaurants, and some of the most impeccable views in Italy. Built on top of a “crumbling” hill, this bustling spot continues with flavor and charm despite its rugged front. A dream for any artistic traveler or photographer looking for some incredible rustic Italian scenery and inspiration.

  • Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming, United States

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      One of Yellowstone’s most memorable sites, the Grand Prismatic Spring is the third largest hot spring on the planet. Decked out in mustard yellow and bright blue, this incredible destination has attracted visitors from across the planet for decades. Witness the hot bubbling waters (from a safe distance of course) and discover the true mystery of our planet, tucked away in volcanic rock and steamy blue waters.

  • Richat Structure, Mauritania

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      Also known mysteriously as the “Eye of The Sahara” the Richat Structure is a circular geological formation in the Sahara’s Adrar Plateau. Perplexing all who witness this spooky site, resembling that of a hypnotic eye, the Richat Structure is an ethereal destination.

  • Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, India

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      The preeminent spiritual site of Sikhism, this Indian temple is an earthly representation of the Milk Ocean of Vishnu/Hari, known in English as The Golden Temple. A beacon of shimmering gold, contrasting against its white surroundings and murky blue waters, this temple attracts visitors far and wide to witness its unique and powerful architecture that reflects its significance in Indian culture

  • Pig Beach

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      Soaking in crystal clear waters in the Bahamas with an *adorable* piglet swimming within arms reach… yep you read that correctly! Swimming with cute pigs is a reality at this quirky beach. Perfect for animal lovers and beachgoers, Pig Beach is a slice of sandy paradise decorated with some of the earth’s funniest animals and plenty of sunshine.

  • Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

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      A destination perfect for adventurers seeking to uncover the beauty of the Chinese wilderness, nicknamed “Avatar Park”, the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Asia. This park is compromised of deep forest, ravines, and most uniquely large pillar rock formations that present an almost post-apocalyptic feeling of being entirely one with the natural earth and all its gorgeous structures.

  • Kuang Si Waterfall, Laos

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      This three-tiered waterfall has consistently mesmerized visitors with its unearthly green waters and lush natural surroundings. Kuang Si Falls in Laos is a trip to a fairytale rainforest, complete with deep hues of turquoise and green- and plenty of photo-ops. Due to the high calcium content in the pools, these falls present one of the most pigmented natural blue colors on the planet.

  • Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia

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      Walking across a reflective surface beneath a blue sky full of clouds is an otherworldly dream or artistic sci-fi film come to life, and we are here for it. Located in southwest Bolivia, the Uyuni salt flats are a massive sprawl of crystallized white salt, rock formations, and cacti- aka the supernatural desert of your most creative imaginations.