Destinations Open to Vaccinated Travelers in 2021

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We have all been in a bit of a slump, but with the vaccinations rolling out and countries easing restrictions we are nothing but excited to dust off our passports and get our travel on! All across the world, countries are reopening their doors to international tourism, and after a year nestled safely in our homes, we have been dreaming and planning for this moment. Although we would like to note that the situation across the planet is constantly changing and while we want to keep you updated, make sure to do some research and be aware of any restrictions and requirements before jumping on that plane. Here are our top picks of the most exciting destinations with solid plans to set the stage for the future of international travel.

United States, Nepal, Maldives, Iceland, France, Croatia, Hawaii, British Virgin Islands, Barbados

  • United States

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      The USA has been vaccinating its citizens at an ever-accelerating pace and has already started to reduce restrictions for those who have been fully vaccinated- including travel. Including active plans with Europe to begin easing travel restrictions, The USA is sure to be one of the easiest countries to access this summer. From sparkling NYC celebrating on the east coast to the endlessly perfect sunshine weather of California- there is so much to see and do in just one country and it is the perfect stomping grounds to get your travel back on.

  • Nepal

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      Nepal recently removed quarantine requirements for tourists who have been fully vaccinated. Under the new rules, travelers must take a pre-flight PCR test as well as another upon their arrival and wait in isolation for the results before embarking on their adventure. A simple test is a small price to pay for exploration into one of the most culturally and historically rich countries on the planet. With vast landscapes and gorgeous temples, Nepal is the perfect destination to break into international travel after a slump and create unforgettable experiences to last a lifetime.

  • Maldives

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      For travel to this paradise, pre-flight covid tests and quarantine are no longer necessary for vaccinated travelers. The Maldives has solidified itself as a world-class destination soaked in iridescent turquoise waters and endless sunshine whether. For a truly unforgettable experience coated in white sand and a pristine coastline, add The Maldives to your summertime bucket list.

  • Iceland

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      As of April 6th, Iceland welcomes vaccinated tourists outside of the European Schengen zone. Iceland tops bucket lists worldwide, and being an extremely safe country without a heavy impact from Covid on the vast natural attractions makes it a perfect summertime destination. Reykjavik comes alive in the summer, after the long winter, and with all that cheer you are sure to be energized to explore the volcanic landscapes and tundras of this gorgeous country.

  • France

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      International tourists are being welcomed back to France as of June 9th while the country slowly reopens its doors. France is a culturally rich tourist destination, get lost beneath the Eiffel tower in Paris or wander the vast lavender fields in Provence. From the sparkling coastal towns to central villages and glittering cities- this gorgeous country truly has something for everyone.

  • Croatia

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      From April 1st, any vaccinated travelers are allowed to enter Croatia without testing or quarantine. This picturesque European destination is one of the safest and most friendly to visit across the continent, and with beautiful beaches, prominent limestone cliffs, and a rich history lining the pavements- Croatia is ripe for exploration after a year of cozying in at home.

  • Hawaii, United States

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      From May 11th, fully vaccinated travelers to Hawaii will be able to bypass the mandatory quarantine requirement set by the state. Hawaii has several uniquely beautiful and culturally rich islands to explore, along with pristine beaches, waves to surf, waterfalls to admire, and sprawling jungles to uncover. Enjoy the relaxed nature of this sunshine destination with some ice-cold Hawaiian shaved ice and your favorite fruity beverage.

  • British Virgin Islands

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      The British Virgin Islands are looking to ease restrictions for vaccinated travelers as of May 15th. Although they will still require a PCR test on arrival, as soon as it comes back negative you are free to step out and experience the vast and exciting island paradise. The British Virgin Islands is a perfect getaway for those who want to escape their house but still are in the need of some seclusion. With sparse luxurious developments dotting the vast geography of the islands, get ready for an opulent experience without the crowds.

  • Barbados

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      Barbados is reducing quarantine time for vaccinated travelers from five to seven days to just one or two as of May 8th. With a deep cultural history and plenty of gorgeous landscapes to explore, Barbados is a great destination for shaking off the stay-at-home blues and soaking in some summer sun.