Destinations For Fashion Lovers Around The World

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From the classic berets and trench coats of Paris to the cutting edge punk style of London- these cities are IRL runways. Whether you are looking to uncover subculture fashion in Tokyo's Harajuku district or strut your style along the luxury roads of Milan, we have put together a list of the world's most fashionable destinations. From cutting edge to drenched in elegance, embrace innovation, creativity, and the seamless intersection of design with daily life at these stylish destinations.

Berlin, Metropolitan City of Milan, Amberes, Shanghai, London, Paris, Tokyo, New York

  • Berlin in Berlin, Germany

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      When you think Berlin you may think underground, artsy, off the beaten path, and the future- an excellent mix for some cutting edge fashion. Whether you are more traditional, seeking luxury experiences, or looking to delve into hidden corners of fashion subculture- Berlin is a treasure trove of artistry and creativity.

  • Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

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      Milan is known globally for its hold on fashion, from spurring endless works of art on the runway to cultivating an elegant sense of creativity in almost every aspect of city living. Strut your style on the cobbled stone streets (if you can handle a good heel- you can handle this!) and embrace the beauty of good living. Milano is a city of art and luxury.

  • Amberes, Belgium

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      Antwerp may not have a "fashion week" but any fashionista knows its cultural significance to the fashion world. Antwerp is home to Europe's most influential designers, both contemporary and classic, and is a student-heavy city that embraces a culture of "standing out". Visit Antwerp if you feel like an outcast, this is a place to break boundaries and set trends.

  • Shanghai in Shanghai, China

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      Shanghai has been making headlines for its innovative approach to fashion week, consistently staying ahead of the trends and adding playfulness to elegance. Shanghai fashion, like the city itself, incorporates a balance between traditional and contemporary design.

  • London in London, England

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      London is bold, loud, and overflowing in creative energy that is sure to inspire any fashion lovers looking to hop over the pond. Home to the most cutting-edge designers, who use their fashion to make a difference and speak their mind, London has always had a way of stepping off the beaten pathway. With a heavy music culture that influenced plenty of current trends, London is a city endlessly enriched in art.

  • Paris in Paris, France

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      Because what could be more fashionable than a cherry red beret, simple trench coat, and a fresh croissant in hand? Paris is a classic destination that has spurred some of the most classical fashion trends that will most likely never die off. Home to pure luxury, and effortless class- Paris is the perfect destination for fashionistas dreaming of magical eras past, and seeking inspiration for their own elegance.

  • Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

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      The birthplace of some of the world's most eclectic styles, famed for its vibrant Harajuku district and located at the intersection of elegance and functionality- any fashion nerd needs to put Tokyo on their bucket list. Indulge in the fantastical world of Japanese pop culture and subculture fashion, explore design museums and embrace the unique energy of this aesthetically picturesque city.

  • New York, United States

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      Every street in this city is a runway. New York, New York tops global charts for housing the world’s most cutting-edge brands. NYFW is bustling full of luxury designers and artistic powerhouses, attracting the most innovative creatives from across the planet. Visit fashion museums, enjoy year-round fashion events, and fall in love with one of the world’s top fashionista destinations- where else than the big apple?