Cozy Winter Getaways

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Winter is here and we are already dreaming of our next big vacay to embrace the season, from charming, snowy getaways to sunshine and sandy shores- these are our top winter destinations. Whether your definition of winter fun is sunbathing on an island or twirling beneath twinkling snowflakes, this list truly has it all. Explore a rugged Caribbean island made up of colorful architecture, or cozy up by the fireplace in a ski resort, we are *so* ready to make the most of the season. So grab your swimsuit, or a big scarf- let’s dive in.

Cancún, Toronto, Washington D.C., Martinique, Big Sky, Quebec City, Winter Park, Reykjavík

  • Cancún in Quintana Roo, Mexico

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      Yes, this is a little hint that you might need to get your snowbird on this season, Cancun is a paradise destination full of glowing sunshine and fruity cocktails on the beach. With a choice of gorgeous resorts to relax at, and plenty of fascinating and historic cultural activities to explore, Cancun is an excellent destination to warm up any chilly winter.

  • Toronto in Toronto, Canada

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      Canadians know how to make the most of winter, hockey games, poutine, ice skating, and sugar shack treats, Toronto is full of wintertime excitement. This multicultural city lights up throughout the dark nights of winter, with countless light festivals, holiday markets, and other cultural activities to fill up an exciting agenda.

  • Washington D.C. in Washington, United States

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      DC is a gorgeous metropolis that has endless activities to embark on, art museums, historical sites, gorgeous scenery, and more. Tour historic districts, dine on delicious cuisine from around the world and enjoy winter sales at countless local boutiques. An idyllic winter escape that is brimming with excitement to cheer up your freezing season with a touch of culture and delight.

  • Martinique

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      This rugged Caribbean island is a perfect paradise getaway to escape the chilly winter blues. For your inner snowbird traveler, embrace a temperate climate with a mixture of both French and Caribbean cultures. Endlessly sunny days, breathtaking sunsets, and mouthwatering cuisine a la plage- what more could you be seeking this January?

  • Big Sky, United States

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      A charming community tucked away in the snow-capped slopes of the Rocky Mountains in southern Montana, USA, Big Sky USA is any stargazer or skier's dream. Discover what it *really* means to embark on a ski resort holiday- hot toddy, exciting slopes, cozy ambiance, and all.

  • Quebec City in Quebec City, Canada

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      A drop of historical magic tucked away in North America, indulge in some of the continent’s finest French cuisine and tour gorgeous landscapes with truly breathtaking views. Quebec City is a quaint getaway that is perfect for winter tourists, full of cozy nooks and tasty eats to fill up on a chilly evening, and stunning architecture that beams with holiday cheer and heavy European influence throughout the entire city.

  • Winter Park, United States

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      Known for having some of the best ski resorts, and endlessly encircled by breathtaking winter scenery- consider Winter Park for some outdoorsy, and snowy fun. From picturesque towns to gorgeous landscapes, it’s no wonder so many voyagers travel to this gorgeous destination for a picturesque and adventurous getaway in the chilly winter months.

  • Reykjavík in Reykjavík, Iceland

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      A wholesome city full of brightly colored houses, unique architecture, incredibly friendly people, and endless charm- Reykjavik is a fairytale winter holiday come to life. Explore eclectic thrift shops, taste hearty Icelandic cuisine, and spend your days embarking on adventures in the glistening landscape of the country. Yes, you better bundle up, but the experience of exploring this fascinating and safe destination makes any hurdle worth it for memories to last a lifetime.