Countries That Celebrate The Lunar New Year

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One of the oldest festivals in history, the Chinese Lunar New Year has significance across cultures and countries. With so many traditions and celebrations breaking out every year, we put together a list of some prominent examples of traditional Lunar New Year celebrations. From Dragon Dances in the streets of China to Lanterns adorning traditional Temples in Indonesia, and plenty of mouthwatering street food all around- these countries are some of the most exciting places to welcome and celebrate the Lunar New Year.

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  • Mongolia

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      With traditions that go back over 2000 years, Mongolia is one of the best countries to celebrate the New Year. Made up of symbolic rituals, festivities, familial ties, and traditional dishes, the Lunar New Year brings a time of joy and prosperity to the winter months. With plenty of celebrations and cultural events to experience, Tsagaan Sar is a fascinating time to explore Mongolia.

  • Singapore

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      Singapore is easily one of the most spectacular countries to celebrate the beauty of the Lunar New Year. Honoring both traditional deities and family, the Chinese New Year in Singapore balances familial connection and community celebration. Magical streets bursting with color and light, live parades, and a festive atmosphere gloss over the city. Tourists are invited to join locals in welcoming one of the most important days of the Chinese calendar.

  • Indonesia

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      On the Lunar New Year, families in Indonesia visit temples garnished in picturesque lanterns to pray for good fortune. Food vendors line the surrounding areas, cooking up fresh street food, and live performances such as the “lion dance” take center stage. Every year, tourists and locals join to enjoy tasty snacks, witness cultural events, and attract good luck for a fresh start.

  • China

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      The last event of an over two-week celebration, the Lantern Festival is a bucket list celebration that pays homage to the beauty of the Lunar New Year. Glowing red and orange lanterns adorn traditional temples and line the streets as elaborate parades and Dragon Dances enchant the lively crowds. The dragon symbolizes good fortune, and this iconic dance is a highlight of the festivities throughout many regions of the country.

  • Vietnam

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      Tết, short for Tết Nguyên Đán, is the spring festival commemorating the Lunar New Year, and also one of the most important days in Vietnamese culture. There are exhilarating activities and festivities, traditional food, music, dance, and overall an atmosphere of celebration. Vietnam is easily one of the best countries to celebrate Lunar New Year while enjoying a taste of food, culture, and local experiences.

  • South Korea

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      Commemorating the first day of the Korean calendar, the Lunar New Year is a festive day celebrated throughout the country. One of the most important traditional holidays, this celebration brings families together to give gifts, play games, and eat lots of Korean food. One of the best comfort foods to try in Korea for the new year is rice cake soup, a spicy and hearty dish that is sure to warm up your heart on this chilly winter night.