Cities With Vaccine Passports

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These cities are requiring proof of vaccination for most non-essential services, and while this may change in the future, it’s great to always stay aware of local covid restrictions prior to travel. We put together a list of some of our favorite destinations that intend to, or already are, implementing vaccine passports. So in case you need some travel inspo for the upcoming year, this may be of service. We would like to add that you should always do your own research about the destinations you are traveling to, and what processes need to be completed prior to/ and after boarding. Safe travels seekers!.

San Francisco, Beijing, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Paris, London, New York, Montreal

  • San Francisco, United States

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      If you have been craving fresh sourdough, eclectic shopping, cutting-edge art, design, and more- and a historically significant setting to enjoy it in, look no further than the friendly city of San Francisco. With vaccines mandated for some essential services, SF is taking some steps to keep the spread down, get ready for your west coast adventure.

  • Beijing in Beijing, China

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      While China seeks to open up again for international travel using vaccine passports, we can start daydreaming about our next trip to the effervescent city of Beijing. For delicious dim sum, massive shopping complexes, and ancient temples- this destination is one of our top faves to visit again.

  • Tel Aviv-Yafo in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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      One of the most vibrant cities on the planet, Tel Aviv is an ideal late summer destination full of delicious restaurants, sites to see, and rich cultural importance. Israel rolled out a passport earlier this year that allowed users to show if they had been vaccinated or have recently recovered, and when things became safer they temporarily canceled the vaccination pass. This passport may come back, so keep updated in case you need to download anything prior to traveling to Tel Aviv.

  • Paris in Paris, France

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      For those looking to stroll down twisty roads alongside picturesque, quintessentially Parisian architecture, walk across the rue in the morning for a crispy croissant and cafe au lait before spending hours adventuring some of the world's finest museum and boutique shopping- your dream can be a reality. Paris is requiring vaccine passports and is already open to most fully vaccinated travelers.

  • London in London, England

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      The UK is implementing an NHS covid passport and is looking to require proof of vaccination for most unessential destinations. Potentially amazing news that we can head back over the pond for a safe adventure. The UK already allows most travelers into the country who have been fully vaccinated sans quarantine. (Although it’s important to note that this is constantly changing so please check before booking that flight.)

  • New York, United States

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      NYC is back. The big apple truly never sleeps, and is now requiring proof of vaccination - or a negative test- to access non-essential establishments. This is great news if you are missing the big city life, broadway plays, and neverending nights out at this sparkling destination, and want to travel safely.

  • Montreal in Montreal, Canada

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      Starting September first, the province of Quebec will be requiring proof of vaccination for all mandatory activities- think, restaurants, bars, music festivals, etc. Montreal- one of the most exciting cities in the province will welcome you back with delicious cuisine, festivals, and more.