Cities With Stunning Winter Light Displays Around The World

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Thousands and thousands of twinkling lights, neon colors, glittering festivities, and art- these destinations take their winter illuminations seriously, because what else can cheer up those cold dark nights of winter. Escape the darkness and come into the mesmerizing light at these fantastic international cities, all known for their insane winter displays, from Kobe to NYC and everything in between.

Medellín, Copenhagen, Madrid, Kobe, Los Angeles, Singapore, New York, Paris

  • Medellín, Colombia

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      Famously known as "Alumbrados Navideños" the winter light show of Medellin is one of the most exciting times to be in town. Embrace a light experience like no other, that encapsulates the winter months with eclectic displays of artistry and magic.

  • Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark

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      Copenhagen gets rather dark in the winter, so the city takes winter illumination *very* seriously. With a world-renown light show popping through the city every winter, it's no wonder Copenhagen ranks highly as one of the most spectacular winter light destinations on the planet.

  • Madrid in Madrid, Spain

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      Every plaza, road, and alleyway has some kind of adornment to light up the night in Madrid come wintertime. From festive Christmas decorations to season-long sparkles, Madrid is a visual feast come winter months for any dreamer seeking to escape into an effervescent array of glittering lights.

  • Kobe, Japan

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      Let's just say Kobe is known for a bit more than its beef- the Light shows consistently rank high on international lists. Explore entire mini-villages constructed of fluorescent displays, and witness the powerful intersection of light and art.

  • Los Angeles, United States

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      From decked-out houses to decked-out streets- LA takes the winter light thing seriously. Experience an array of experiences, from gaudy fluorescents to elegant design, with kaleidoscopic art installations and awe-inspiring streets glittering from head to toe. If there is anything we know about LA it's that it's known as a city of stars for a reason.

  • Singapore

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      Singapore has no shortage of sparkling displays lighting up the winter. While Singapore remains relatively temperate, the city remains bright and cheery, with an impressive array of expertly designed winter light shows popping up throughout the magnificent city.

  • New York, United States

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      NYC has no shortage of fantastic winter light displays, from massive Christmas trees in December to illuminations lighting up in January to the lunar new year sparkling throughout Chinatown. It's no wonder that so many visit the busy Manhattan streets for an extra dose of winter cheer and light while things cool down.

  • Paris in Paris, France

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      From late in December and through the new year, an extra touch of dazzle graces the elegant streets of Paris. With the obvious sparkle and romantic glow of the Eiffel tower comes some extra touches, with plenty of tourist sites and famous destinations adorned in a spectacular array of glittering decorations.