Cities To Visit In 2022

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Hello, 2022! From established tourist destinations to cities on the verge of stardom in the digital nomad scene, these destinations are glittering and sparkling fresh for some new adventures. Experience an authentic St. Patty's day in Dublin, or head south for an authentic taste of Cinco de Mayo in Puebla, Mexico (or both!). Whether you are seeking an international city or a beachside paradise for your next big vacation, we promise you won't want to miss this list. Bon Voyage!

Seoul, Maui, Dublin, Taipei City, Puebla, Chiang Mai, Goa, Rio de Janeiro

  • Seoul, South Korea

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      Seoul is massively one of the most influential cities in the world, as the center of South Korea- a country full of gorgeous culture, tasty barbeque, sweet soju, and stunning nature. Any itinerary in Seoul is going to be packed, 24-hour spas, shopping sprees, mouthwatering street food, breathtaking temples, other-worldly malls, and more. Incredibly clean, easy to navigate, and full of surprises, we highly recommend Seoul for any jet setter looking for an adventure in 2022. If you travel in spring, be sure to catch the sight of hundreds of pale pink cherry blossom trees, or enjoy hiking the surrounding mountains for picturesque foliage in fall.

  • Maui, United States

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      Hawai'i's second-largest island, Maui is brimming with life-changing scenery, tasty food, and endless excitement for a picture-perfect vacay, year-round. Featuring sun-soaked, world-famous beaches, aquatic waters, hiking trails, and a multicultural landscape, it's no wonder Maui is consistently ranked high for being one of the *best* island retreats in the world. We already know that Hawai'i has been sitting on your bucket list, so seize the day in 2022 and book a life-changing, paradise retreat at this slice of paradise.

  • Dublin in Dublin, Ireland

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      The endlessly cheery and historic streets of Dublin await- from the cozy Irish pubs to the fish & chip joints, to the magical castles. Dublin is *always* a good idea in our book, and what better way to have a fresh new year than by exploring one of the friendliest and most exciting- yet lowkey- cities in Europe. Whether you are looking for a crazy St. Patty's day adventure, a cool summer getaway, or a spooky Halloween, Dublin encompasses all the best of all the seasons.

  • Taipei City, Taiwan

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      An effervescent kaleidoscope of culture, cuisine, and fun, Taipei is easily one of the most exciting metropolitan holiday destinations in the world. Explore ancient temples, palaces, local food stalls, and all the making of a true sparkling international city. Taipei allows visitors to embrace cultural activities, explore stunning nature, and indulge in endless street food, so don't think twice if you are already considering Taipei for your next excursion.

  • Puebla in Puebla, Mexico

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      An incredibly well-preserved city, Puebla offers travelers the chance to experience authentic Mexican culture, down to the mouthwatering food served up daily- we are already dreaming of a balmy day in the city center indulging in fresh tacos and creamy horchata. Explore nearby sights such as endless natural landscapes, and historical architecture dating back to ancient civilizations, or spend your days exploring the eclectic atmosphere of this gorgeous town. Whether you make the trip in late winter to escape freezing temperatures, or for an authentic taste of Cinco de Maya, Puebla is sure to greet you with a gorgeous climate and festive energy year-round.

  • Chiang Mai in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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      Breathtaking festivals feature countless beauty, lantern festivals, flower festivals, and a neverending vibe of friendliness and cheer that decorates throughout this popular travel destination. Embrace the beauty of nature and the tranquility of life in Chiang Mai, with affordable yet downright addicting food, fruity drinks, and an atmosphere ideal for the digital nomad crowd.

  • Goa, India

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      This Indian state encompasses a stretch of gorgeous coastline along the Arabian Sea. This breathtaking destination not only features idyllic scenery and a paradise-like temperate climate but plenty of exciting cultural activities and mouthwatering Indian cuisine. Perfect for travelers seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of New Dehli, but experience what the gorgeous and massive country of India has to offer, Goa is definitely on the verge of being a top travel destination for 2022.

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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      White sandy beaches, mountains, and gorgeous architecture- Rio is the sunny paradise metropolitan oasis you have been waiting for. The beating cultural heart and soul of Brazil, Rio has long been considered a dream destination, for its idyllic climate and gorgeous natural surroundings. Visit during Carnival season, easily one of the most iconic experiences you can have on the planet, and dance the night away with endless festivities, music, and electric energy. Whether you are looking to party, or just explore breathtaking landscapes- Rio needs to be on your 2022 bucket list.