Cities To Celebrate Day Of The Dead

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From massive colored kites on an island to the endless festivities of Mexico City, Dia de Los Muertos has stood the test of time. This holiday dates way back to the indigenous Aztecs, is the oldest holiday in the world, and contrasts against the macabre of Halloween celebrations with marigold arrangements, incense, and painted candy skulls. Discovering new holidays through travel is a fantastic way to learn about new cultures and broaden our horizons, and with a holiday this steeped in history and celebration, it's no wonder Mexico draws in so many tourists at this time of year. With cities in the US and Guatemala included in this exciting list, let's look into the most gorgeous and vibrant cities to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos this year.

Mexico City, San Andrés Mixquic, Sumpango, San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, Janitzio, Oaxaca

  • Mexico City in Mexico City, Mexico

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      One of the best times to visit the eclectic Mexico City is around Dia de Los Muertos, purely for the endless excitement and activities that take place throughout the city. With massive parades, concerts, stunning floral arrangements, and (of course) plentiful street food, Mexico city goes *all out* for this fascinating and culturally significant Mexican holiday.

  • San Andrés Mixquic in Mexico City, Mexico

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      An authentic look into how Mexico celebrates this wonderful holiday, San Andres Mixquic is adorned in marigolds, incense, and festivities throughout the season. Enjoy parades, events, and witness the magic of Dia de Los Muertos in a beautiful, off-the-beaten-path Mexican city.

  • Sumpango, Guatemala

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      In this energetic city in Guatemala, massive colored kites are used to honor the Day of The Dead. Travelers from around the world gather to witness the stunning craftsmanship of giant kites, formed into various creations- from animals to skeletons, draped alongside plentiful decorations and bustling crowds. Enjoy tasty cuisine, unforgettable energy, and the beauty of this holiday.

  • San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec in Oaxaca, Mexico

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      This golden state city features a prominent Mexican-American community that engages and welcomes all to enjoy Dia de Los Muertos festivities. Indulge in delectable cuisine, learn about culture, and celebrate the exciting holiday surrounded by effervescent energy and stunning decorations.

  • Janitzio, Mexico

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      This mountainous island is famous for its deep attachment to culture, and in consequence elaborate Day Of The Dead festivities. With a traditional atmosphere, incorporating an eclectic mixture of old and new (and plenty of colors).

  • Oaxaca, Mexico

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      Oaxaca is a region in southern Mexico that is famous for its strong relationship with indigenous cultures. An easy-going and relaxed atmosphere that is soaked in sunshine, sand, and tasty food, Oaxaca remains deeply ingrained to the roots of Day Of The Dead. Festivities throughout the state are to be enjoyed, with both family and friends, decorated in vibrantly painted skeletons and arrays of stunning flowers.