Charming Small Towns in The US That You Haven't Heard Of Yet

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Cozied up in a restaurant along the Oregon Trail, waking up to see rocky canons in the distance, or relaxing along an Island coast- these hidden gems have *so* much to offer. Traveling to major cities is fun and all but sometimes we just want to take a few steps off the beaten path and uncover a new perspective. These small towns from the west to the east coast (and beyond) have everything you need for an idyllic weekend getaway, so let's check out some of America's most charming small towns that have *big* travel potential.

Hilo, Springdale, Baker City, Fairport, Lubec, Little Switzerland

  • Hilo, United States

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      Sprawling tropical rainforests, scenic vistas, and a relaxed island atmosphere- Hilo is a hidden gem destination in Hawaii. Perfect for indulging on fruity frozen ice by the shore, or ziplining above iconic scenery.

  • Springdale, United States

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      This tiny town is home to just 500 people, but has so much to offer! Located along the edge of the expansive (and gorgeous) Zion National Park, Springdale allows travelers to spend time enjoying the vast rocky scenery of Utah for an extended time.

  • Baker City, United States

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      Baker City is famous for its incredible scenery, friendly people, and world-class food. Located along the iconic Oregon Trail, Baker City is an excellent weekend pit stop for hiking, camping, and some cozy memories huddled in a local eatery.

  • Fairport in New York, United States

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      A healthy balance of historic charm and the conveniences of modern life- Fairport, New York is perfect for travelers looking for a tranquil small-town getaway without sacrificing access to any amenities. Located along the Erie Canal, Fairport is one of America's few canal-side towns, reminiscent of the European waterside aesthetic. Many of the sights in the village are within walking distance, making this a perfect getaway for a breath of fresh air and wholesome fun.

  • Lubec in Maine, United States

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      Known as a "Four Seasons" getaway, Lubec is famous for its natural beauty year-round. Springs decorated in thousands of blossoms, sun-soaked summers by the poolside, crispy auburn leaves in the fall, and cozy winters glistening with snow and cheer. This coastal town has plenty of classic American fun to offer, with a tranquil rural setting, authentic character, and mouthwatering *fresh* seafood.

  • Little Switzerland, United States

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      This beautiful mountain town is situated amongst the sprawling natural landscape of North Carolina. Who knew you could experience the magic of the Swiss Alps so close to home? Little Switzerland is named for its deep valleys, rolling hills, and quaint architecture that is reminiscent of the Swiss Alps, soaked in emerald green and fresh air.