Cannabis Clubs Around The World

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From the private vibey clubs of Spain to the community creating dab lounges of the US and the rustic coffee shops lining the canals of Amsterdam, weed clubs may vary in form but always provide a top-notch atmosphere to get high. We put together a list of our personal favorite weed clubs and experiences across the world to help you incorporate 420 friendly destinations into your travel plans.

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  • Coffeeshop Club Media, Netherlands

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      Coffeeshop Club Media is a weed club that gives you a nightlife twist on the traditional Amsterdam-style weed coffeeshop. Set with ambient lighting, delicious beverages, edibles, and quality weed, this coffee shop is a must for any weed lover when exploring Amsterdam.

  • Planet 13 Las Vegas in Las Vegas, United States

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      We included planet 13 as it is *the* coolest dispensary and about as close as you can get to the iconic Las Vegas strip. Stock up on super affordable and top-quality edibles, cannabis, CBD, and more at the largest dispensary on planet earth.

  • The Summit Lounge in Worcester, United States

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      The Summit Lounge offers an old-fashioned private membership weed club experience in the 21st century. Priding itself on providing a stigma-free atmosphere to meet like-minded folks, Summit Club is a secretive lounge where you can smoke anything that is legal in Massachusetts- this includes recreational and medical cannabis. Summit Lounge is a membership-based club that has attracted interesting people from across the globe to escape into a truly liberating atmosphere.

  • Moe Greens Dispensary and Delivery in San Francisco, United States

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      Moe's is a luxury cannabis dispensary and weed club that also offers a world-class VIP dab bar and cannabis lounge. Indulge yourself in true Cali cannabis culture at this top bay area location, enjoy tasty edibles, fizzy drinks, and any accessory you could need while relaxing in one of the most gorgeous weed lounges on the planet.

  • Speakeasy Vape Lounge & Cannabis Club Dab Bar #SEVL in Colorado Springs, United States

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      Speakeasy Vape Lounge is a cannabis club complete with munchies, live DJs, games, and an ambient 420 friendly lounge. This location is one of a kind and provides a low-key club atmosphere along with friendly people and great vibes.

  • Spectra Art Space in Denver, United States

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      Spectra Art Space is a contemporary gallery that sets out to support local artists and grow a creative community. What is also really cool is that along with interactive classes, and expertly curated exhibits, Spectra Art Space frequently hosts 420-friendly parties that encourage BYOC consumption in the private outdoor space.

  • Choko Barcelona, Spain

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      Choko Barcelona is an exclusive private member weed club that is well known throughout Europe. This club has a concept of providing a vibey environment to enjoy quality cannabis while also functioning as an art gallery featuring up-and-coming artists. Stop by this ambient venue if you are sampling the weed clubs of Barcelona.

  • G13 Weed Club Barcelona, Spain

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      One of Barcelona's most aesthetic weed clubs, the G13 Club has a moody ambiance, eccentric decorations, top-quality cannabis buds, and a lively atmosphere. This extremely vibey spot is perfect for any 420 lovers seeking a fun night out in the center of one of the most vibrant cities in the world.