Breathtaking Rainforests To Discover Across The World

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Sunlight leaks through leafy trees, a soft pitter-patter of rainfall in all directions- there is nothing quite like traversing the wet, mossy grounds of a rainforest. Across the planet, these lush expanses of emerald soaked in rain and sunlight are home to thousands of unique biodiversity and plant life. These are some of the world's most incredible rainforests for any adventurous seekers looking to explore new terrain. From Washington State to Ghana, take a step into some of the most breathtaking rainforests to discover.

Darién National Park, Parque Nacional Yasuní, Kakum National Park, Hoh Rainforest - Olympic National Park, El Yunque National Forest, Daintree National Park

  • Darién National Park, Panama

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      Welcome to the jungle. Darien National Park expands over countless gorgeous landscapes, including countless virgin rainforests. Located in Panama, after the Amazon Rainforest Darien National Park is second in the Americas to be considered the most important "Natural Lung". For the truly adventurous and brave, Darien National Park is extremely remote, wet, and rainy- it is highly recommended to seek out a tour guide to traverse this stunning destination.

  • Parque Nacional Yasuní, Ecuador

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      In the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, Yasuni National Park is the largest protected area in Ecuador. Full of diverse biodiversity and plant life, the rainforests of Yasuni National Park are unmatched. Explore gorgeous nature, culture, and other outdoorsy excursions in this sprawling rainy oasis.

  • Kakum National Park, Ghana

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      Kakum National Park is home to endangered animals such as forest elephants, bongo antelopes, and various primates. Made up of long pathways and expansion bridges, it is possible to view these lush rainforests from all angles. Located in the biodiverse country of Ghana, witness plenty of unique fauna and flora, along with wildlife at this truly magnificent destination.

  • Hoh Rainforest - Olympic National Park in Washington, United States

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      One of the largest temperate rainforests located within the United States, the Hoh Rainforest features stunning vegetation and plant life that makes it worth all the extra rain. The most northern rainforest on the planet, the Hoh Rainforest is like no other, the continuous rainfall has transformed the land into a haven for rare plant and animal life.

  • El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico

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      El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest among the national rainforests of the world, so this is one you won't want to miss. Tucked away in stunning Puerto Rico, this rainforest is comprised of winding pathways, cascading waterfalls, indigenous artifacts, and gorgeous wet leafy plants in all directions.

  • Daintree National Park, Australia

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      Australia's sprawling Daintree National Park is comprised of two stunning sections; Mossman Gorge and Cape Tribulation and the exhilarating Daintree Rainforest. Rainforests cling to rolling mountains, complete with lush plant and animal life ready to be explored. Stunning by day with rich emerald greens, winding pathways, and light leaking in through leafy trees- the Daintree Rainforest is also fascinating to explore by night.