Best Spring Travel Destinations In Europe

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Spring means flowers, green fields, comforting food, and celebration- and where better to enjoy the new season than the diverse continent of Europe. Historic cities, spring festivals, and pastel-painted cottages, all beneath dewy spring sunlight, these cities and regions are famed for impeccable springtime beauty and festivities. Whether you will be enjoying afternoon tea and scones in the British countryside or dancing the night away in a Spanish city, these are our top choices for spring destinations in Europe.

Porto, Seville, England, Stavanger, Tuscany, Provence, Lisse

  • Porto in Porto, Portugal

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      Porto is an artsy getaway to embrace a temperate climate, balmy days, and beautiful culture. Portugal is known for food- any foodies are sure to enjoy a seemingly endless array of mouthwatering choices along the winding pathways of Porto, from an afternoon sweet to a decadent dinner to top off a day of exploration. Festivities in the streets, a sense of wonder, and endless natural beauty- Porto is easily one of the dreamiest places to spend an idyllic spring holiday.

  • Seville in Seville, Spain

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      Blossoming flowers, spring festivals, and vibrant colors in every direction- Seville is easily one of Europe's favorite spring getaways for a good time and celebration. Flair and festivity radiate throughout the historic city, full of cultural events and breathtaking natural scenery- Seville encompasses it all.

  • England, United Kingdom

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      Whether you visit the bustling streets of London or the quaint countryside, England as a country is one of the most beautiful springtime destinations. As the last ice of winter melts, fresh greenery flourishes along with the overall atmosphere of the country. Take a tour through picturesque towns, and metropolitan cities, and sample every afternoon tea spot along the way.

  • Stavanger in Norway, Norway

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      Stavanger in Norway is essentially spring personified- think blossom-lined pathways along with pastel-painted cottages and a sense of cheery in the air- even on the gloomiest day. Tour the green street gardens of the cobbled-stone old town or visit the Tou Scene for abundant farmers' markets.

  • Tuscany, Italy

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      Lighting up in emerald greens at the end of winter, Tuscany reopens plenty of excellent hotels, restaurants, and other services as the temperatures reach idyllic levels. Tuscany is famed for mouthwatering wine and Italian cuisine, along with gorgeous historic villages to explore and sweeping hills of green.

  • Provence, France

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      Every spring Provence is decorated with milky fields of almond blossoms, cherry trees, and soft fruit trees. Served with a bay leaf and a cool temperate breeze, Provence is an idyllic spring getaway to get in touch with nature and Southern French culture.

  • Lisse, Netherlands

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      Adorned in multicolored fields of tulips, Lisse encapsulates the pastel, bubbling energy of spring. Liss is a small town located in South Holland, a picture-perfect getaway known for quaint scenery and endless blooming fields every spring. Perfect for Dutch comfort food, hospitality, and bucket-list-worthy images for the gram.