Best Places to Celebrate Kings Day in The Netherlands

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Kings Day is one of the most vibrant celebrations throughout Europe, draped in bright orange and sparkling beneath the spring sunlight in The Netherlands. Enjoy traditional Dutch flea markets, outdoor music festivals, parades, and more at each of these cities across the country. King's day celebrates the birthday of King Willem-Alexander, and the cultural significance echoes across every corner of the country on this national day of festivities. Make sure to pack your best orange outfit, and get ready to enjoy one of Europe's most iconic holidays.

Groningen, Leeuwarden, Eindhoven, La Haya, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam

  • Groningen, Netherlands

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      Groningen is a university city so you can be sure there are plenty of trendy events and impressive flea markets throughout the friendly city to explore on King's Day. Along with electronic music festivals and the gorgeous ancient architecture of the town draped in Orange, this is a lively destination for your festive travels.

  • Leeuwarden, Netherlands

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      With plenty of free Kings Day festivities around this historic city, Leeuwarden is a great option for experiencing the holiday. Including outside music events, traditional flea markets, and vibrancy around every corner, this more low-key destination is not as obvious as Amsterdam or Rotterdam but still boasts the same level of excitement and culture.

  • Eindhoven, Netherlands

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      There are huge outside parties in Eindhoven to celebrate the festivities of this holiday. Complete with beer tents, flea markets, and family-friendly activities, Eindhoven makes for one of the best cities in the country for enjoying this exciting celebration.

  • La Haya, Netherlands

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      The Hague is a seaside town along the north shore of The Netherlands with beachside resorts and plenty of fun activities. This chic destination boasts delicious food, culture, historical monuments, and boutique shopping. The Hague is one of the most festive King's Day locations in the country, with street parties, flea markets, and more.

  • Utrecht, Netherlands

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      Utrecht is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, known famously for having a well-preserved medieval center, plenty of historical architecture, tree-lined canals, and religious monuments. There are amazing flea markets for King's day in Utrecht, with live music, delicious street food, and plenty of bright orange-colored cheer.

  • Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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      Through the elaborate canals and cobblestone pathways of historic Amsterdam, lies some of the most exciting Kings Day events in the country. Visit Amsterdam, the heart of the Netherlands, for fun activities and parades as well as world-famous nightlife. Visit a traditional coffee shop for some 420 friendly products and experience the local lifestyle of cycling the picturesque streets.

  • Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands

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      Rotterdam is one of the biggest cultural centers in The Netherlands, full of gorgeous architecture and a thriving art scene. Rotterdam is one of the best cities to visit while in The Netherlands, for Kings Day there are amazing orange-colored parades throughout the city streets as well as hip clubbing options during the nighttime.