Best Parks To Picnic In Across The USA

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Pack your favorite basket because we are going on a picnic. These parks across the US are tried and tested, locally loved picnic spots that we personally think are the *best* in the country. From tropical gardens to sprawling meadows, there is no shortage of quaint scenery to lay down your favorite blanket and indulge in a tasty lunch with friends. Including classics like Central Park, and historical reserves such as the Walden Pond- Check out these picks for your next big picnic.

Moanalua Gardens, Fairmount Park, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, Walden Pond, Covert Park at Mount Bonnell, Golden Gate Park, Central Park

  • Moanalua Gardens in Honolulu, United States

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      Set up a peaceful picnic in the heart of Hawaii, amongst the tropical wonders of Moanalua Gardens. Settle down under shady trees and munch on some authentic Hawaiian spam musubi (it's amazing), stroll along the shimmering koi pond, and take lots of pictures of the unique plant life and prosperous multicolored blossoms.

  • Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, United States

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      Philadelphia's lush Fairmount park has abundant spots for setting up your picnic blanket. One of the best parks in the city, with paved pathways, sparkling water, flourishing cherry blossoms in the spring, and emerald-green grass year-round, Fairmount Park is any picnic lover's dream.

  • Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Golden, United States

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      A great venue for live performances, this sandy red park is also a popular picnic destination. The Red Rocks Park And Amphitheater has hiking trails, insane views, and geologic wonders- whether there is a gig or not, make sure to visit this glowing red destination for a truly unique picnic experience.

  • Walden Pond, United States

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      An area of historical importance that has been carefully preserved, Walden Pond is certainly a pleasant backdrop for an afternoon picnic by the water. Known famously as the destination where Henry David Thoreau penned "Walden", there is an on-site book store featuring his writing along with other goodies. Stroll along the picturesque park and bask in this popular, historical picnic spot.

  • Covert Park at Mount Bonnell in Austin, United States

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      Visit Covert Park At Mount Bonnell for a memorable experience overlooking the glistening city of Austin. Featuring gorgeous views of both The Colorado River and elaborate mansions, a rugged hiking trail, and plenty of picnic tables to settle down at, it's no wonder this is one of the top-rated picnic destinations in the country.

  • Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, United States

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      This dream-like park is not just spacey but also hosts miles of quaint meadows, scenic lakes, and blooming flowers. Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is a picturesque picnic destination that is also a must-see for any new faces in town. Tour the renowned botanical gardens, or host a bbq at the designated picnic table spot, Golden Gate Park is an excellent destination for soaking in the west-coast sunshine and munching on fresh sour bread sandwiches.

  • Central Park in New York, United States

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      A sprawling oasis amongst the concrete jungle, NYC's Central Park is ideal for picnic-goers. This historical destination has plentiful green spaces, picturesque views, hot dog stands, and flower beds to compliment your picnic basket. Visit the lawns of Belvedere Castle, or Sheep's Meadow, and stroll through the paved walkways of the park to discover fun tourist activities and sample famous New York snacks.