Best Destinations For Retired Travelers

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It's time to get lost in the world and spend days exploring adventurous landscapes, sail alongside clear blue waters, hike rugged cliffsides, and explore sandy deserts. This planet has so much incredible beauty to offer, and with many countries adopting retiree visas that allow retired travelers to spend an extended time exploring unique cultural experiences, now is better than ever to plan your next big vacation. From the cherry blossom-lined cities of Japan to the bubbling geysers of Iceland- these are our top destinations for retired travelers.

Japan, Ireland, Sicily, Iceland, Egypt, Australia, Miami Beach

  • Japan

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      Japan has a unique culture that spans centuries, and the gorgeous country has no shortage of incredible cultural experiences that welcome retired travelers to experience something new. Japan offers a travel visa that allows retired tourists a full year to explore the islands of the country, indulge in fresh Japanese cuisine, and sample traditional activities such as flower arrangement, pottery, cooking, and more.

  • Ireland

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      Ireland is one of the planet's most beautiful destinations, vast mossy green landscapes, rugged cliffs, and picturesque towns combine to create an almost ethereal landscape to explore. Along with adventurous scenery, Ireland has some of the best food on the planet, and not just the authentic Irish pub cuisine.

  • Sicily, Italy

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      One of Italy's most popular vacation spots, it's no secret that this gorgeous seaside destination attracts snowbirds from across the planet to revel in its Mediterranean sun. Impeccable architecture dating back centuries, fresh pasta and pizza, delectable wine, and gorgeous scenery topped with clear turquoise waters- Sicily is truly a paradise on earth.

  • Iceland

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      Iceland's otherwordly landscape has designated the island as one of the world's most mysteriously beautiful destinations on the planet. Tour cascading waterfalls, lava rock landscapes, sandy shores, and bubbling geysers. Iceland is incredibly friendly and welcoming to tourism, and takes immense pride in the country's incredible beauty and hospitality.

  • Egypt

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      Home to many of the world's most ancient mysteries and beauty, Egypt offers visitors a look into a lengthy cultural past and endless beauty. Along with checking off a few mandatory bucket list items- the Pyramids of Giza, The Sphinx, etc. Egypt is a bustling country of tasty eats, adventurous experiences, and camelback rides in the desert.

  • Australia

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      Along with designated visas just for traveling retirees, Australia is a welcoming destination down under with vast gorgeous landscapes and plenty of excitement. Tucked away amongst picturesque scenery lies bustling metropolitan cities, sandy shores, and blue oceans ripe for adventuring. Whether you head to artsy Melbourne or outdoorsy Sydney- Australia is a sunny spot with friendly people and lots of fun to uncover.

  • Miami Beach, United States

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      There's a good reason why so many retirees settle along the white sandy beaches of Miami- year-long gorgeous weather, plenty of exciting activities, and excellent standard of living are just a few. Hide away in the chilly months and make memories to last a lifetime in a city known for being one of the most beautiful in the country.