Best Cities for Trick-Or-Treating

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We are so ready for trick-or-treating! Whether you dress up to scare, impress, or get some laughter Halloween is a time for *fun* and candy. These cities across the country feature some of the top-ranked trick-or-treat spots, brimming with neighborhoods that are known for taking Halloween as seriously as we do. With consideration to decorations, costume level, and overall candy satisfaction, consider these cities for a family Halloween getaway. From San Francisco to Philadelphia- let’s take a look at America’s most impressive trick-or-treat destinations.

Sacramento, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Long Beach, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Seattle

  • Sacramento, United States

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      Sacramento is brimming with Halloween cheer throughout October and is rated as one of the best cities to celebrate the season. Within this sunshine city, there are plenty of places to go for great candy options, check out neighborhoods like Brentwood, Upper Land Park, and South Hagginwood for a spooky and sugary night.

  • San Francisco, United States

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      San Francisco has long been a favorite spot for trick-or-treating, the city is known to take partying and festivities *very* seriously- and Halloween is no exception. Expect the nestled neighborhoods of this historic town to be decorated full-on, with tasty treats at every corner and some downright spooky costumes.

  • Philadelphia, United States

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      Steeped in history and thousands of leafy trees falling to the ground, Philadelphia is easily one of the best fall destinations in the country- and their Halloween is spooktastic! Scour neighborhoods including Point Breeze, Southwest Schuylkill, and Juniata Park for some tasty treats- or hit the city for festivities.

  • Long Beach, United States

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      With close proximity to LA, Long Beach is a hidden gem of Halloween fun. Explore this treasure trove, made up of islands full of nearby neighborhoods that make trick-or-treating here an adventure. Visit the neighborhoods Long Beach and Naples for an unforgettable, candy-filled night.

  • Baltimore in Baltimore, United States

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      The historical city of Baltimore comes alive on Halloween night, with adorable neighborhoods around the inner harbor such as Upper Fell’s Point, Highlandtown, and Butcher’s Hill featuring some of the country’s best candy. With creative decorating, tasty treats, and a lively atmosphere, it’s no wonder Baltimore is constantly ranked one of the best trick-or-treat cities.

  • Washington D.C. in Washington, United States

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      Along with gorgeous fall foliage, leafy carpets, crisp cool air, and historical architecture- Washington D.C is also a highly rated trick-or-treating city. Traverse through the picturesque neighborhoods decked out in Halloween style and help your kids collect a sizable amount of delicious candy.

  • Seattle in Washington, United States

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      Often topping the charts, Seattle is a rainy destination that is just oozing Halloween vibes- and candy! With plenty of excellent neighborhoods boasting massive candy bars and serious decoration skills, including Whittier Heights, Laurelhurst, and Windermere to name a few, Seattle is brimming with spookiness.