Best Brunch Spots In Portland

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From Norweigian-French fusion to Middle Eastern cuisine with a twist, with every form of comfort food mixed in between, these trendy destinations throughout the city are sure to wet your palette. Portland has something for everyone- brunch isn't just mimosas and pancakes but an entire experience of fun and flavor (and interior decoration). Whether you're craving a freshly baked Belgian waffle, a fruity cocktail, or something you have never tried before- dig into our picks for the best brunch spots of Portland.

MÅURICE, Sweedeedee, Tusk, Screen Door Pearl District, The Hazel Room, The Waffle Window, HunnyMilk

  • MÅURICE in Portland, United States

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      A chic brunch spot featuring Norweigian and French fusion cuisine, Maurice has solidified itself as one of the trendiest spots for breakfast in the city. Enjoy flakey pastries, delicious coffee, and exquisite cuisine that is honestly worth any wait time.

  • Sweedeedee in Portland, United States

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      This ever-so cozy cafe serves up comfort breakfast food that tastes like elevated home cooking. A perfect destination for any morning, Sweedeedee seeks to provide hearty meals every day to the people of Portland- and we highly recommend you get in on that. Tucked away in a trendy atmosphere, and with a substantial menu of all the classics, Sweedeedee is always an excellent option.

  • Tusk in Portland, United States

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      This effervescent location is always bustling with the trendiest crowd of the city- think tasty drinks and heartwarming food with a twist decorated with a stylish interior design, and that about sums up Tusk. A true Portland gem, Tusk incorporates traditional Middle Eastern cooking with a twist to serve one of the most unique and tasty menus in Portland, solidifying itself as a must for any foodies passing through the city.

  • Screen Door Pearl District in Portland, United States

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      Chicken on waffles is always a good idea, especially to cure any hangover of the previous night- or fuel up for a day of exploration. Screen Door Eastside is a classic Portland destination for comfort food served in its best form. With a lengthy menu, tasty drinks, and relaxed atmosphere it's no wonder this joint has been a major success in the city.

  • The Hazel Room in Portland, United States

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      This off-the-beaten-path teahouse is decorated primarily in local art and unique vintage finds, an artsy oasis amongst one of the most creative cities in North America. Enjoy their famed brunch menu, tasty cocktails, and hot coffee for a fun way to start the day.

  • The Waffle Window in Portland, United States

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      The Waffle Window is just the amount of quirky and fun that encompasses a true Portland experience- aka imagine strolling up for a freshly baked Belgian style waffle in the morning. A perfect companion for a long day out on the town exploring, we highly recommend this breakfast spot for travelers on the go- and for those looking to smell the roses (or the buttery Belgian goodness), there is a dine-in option available.

  • HunnyMilk in Portland, United States

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      Enjoy both sweet and savory options at this cozy Portland spot, Hunnymilk has long been feeding locals hearty meals to start their days off on the best foot. With a variety of American classics, from pancakes to bacon and eggs- with a trendy twist, we highly recommend this laid-back destination for an authentic taste of Portland culture.