Best Beaches Of North America

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Nothing says 'vacation' quite like a beach getaway, and we have *not* been able to stop thinking about what beach we want to visit next. These are our recent fave beaches across North America, and we have selected something for everyone. Whether you want to escape the crowds and explore pristine coastlines, are seeking crystal clear shimmering water to snorkel, or want an exciting family getaway full of sun & fun- we have found the place for you. Take a look through our selection of the best beaches in North America for some major vacay inspo, while we pretend we're lying beach-side with a fizzy drink in hand.

Clearwater Beach, Greenwich Beach, Half Moon Bay, Caladesi Island State Park, Hāpuna Beach State Park, Tulum Beach, Poipu Beach, Sayulita Beach

  • Clearwater Beach in Clearwater, United States

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      With calm waters and a stretch of soft, white sand, Clearwater Beach is easily one of the most impeccable beaches in Florida. Known as a laid-back destination, Clearwater Beaches’ shimmering shores are ideal for parasailing and jet skiing. Clearwater also boasts a thriving nightlife scene and plentiful culture seeping through the island trails. A dreamlike destination that is a little off the beaten pathway, but widely considered as one of the *best* Floridian beach experiences, Clearwater beach is sure to satisfy all your beach needs.

  • Greenwich Beach, Canada

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      Greenwich Beach in Canada’s Prince Edward Islands is a cove with some of Canada’s largest sand dunes, rugged shores, and plentiful soft sand. A beach that is truly off the beaten pathway, Greenwich Beach is ideal for lone wolves and adventurers who are seeking a beach holiday away from touristy activities and bustling crowds. Spend the day discovering pristine nature, and sink your toes into clean sand while whistling wind beats around you. A real break from the city life, or even the small-town life, Greenwich Beach is a Canadian seaside treasure.

  • Half Moon Bay, United States

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      Half Moon Bay in California encompasses a string of beaches that make for an excellent beach backdrop for your summer fun. Tour vast hiking trails along rugged cliffs, relax along idyllic sandy coastlines and enjoy the soft patter of sparkling waves against your ankles while spying on picturesque sea life. A way to escape from the hectic day-to-day, Half Moon Bay has long been a whimsical getaway that is perfect for families, couples, and even a solo escape to the sea.

  • Caladesi Island State Park, United States

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      For a breath of fresh air away from the usual Florida beach crowds, Caladesi Island State Park features pristine rugged coastlines with pools of soft sand that is sure to entrance visitors with a sense of nostalgia and comfort. This gulf coast destination is only accessible by boat, but the extra step just makes the experience all the more valuable. Enjoy the smell of saltwater beneath swaying palm trees, or tour the adventurous aspects of the vast state park, Caladesi Island State Park has something for everyone.

  • Hāpuna Beach State Park, United States

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      Hapuna Beach State Park is a sprawl of picture perfect sandy shores leading into a breathtaking recreational park. Considered a top destination for families, Hapuna Beach State Park is an excellent place to enjoy outdoor activities including hiking, snorkeling, surfing, and more. This beach is a hot commodity, with idyllic white sand, and plenty of amenities to keep visitors hydrated and fed on tasty snacks, leading to tourists and locals flocking to the coastline every day. Despite the crowds, the amusement park atmosphere of the beach keeps it as one of our favorite places to bring the whole family and enjoy some traditional summer fun.

  • Tulum Beach in Quintana Roo, Mexico

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      Tulum is an awe-inspiring sandy coastline on the eastern coast of Mexico, a paradise destination that is also bathing in rich history and adventure. Enjoy a fruity drink and tasty street food along the shore, meet some friendly turtles snorkeling beneath crystal clear water and explore remnants of ancient ruins. One of the most idyllic beaches in the world, Tulum beach is a breath of fresh air away from the troubles of daily life, a spot that's perfect for the entire family.

  • Poipu Beach in Koloa, United States

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      Hawaii’s Poipu Beach tops lists around the world as a solidified best beach. Located on the southern shore of Hawaii’s Kauai island, Poipu beach takes the cake, attracting visitors to its clean waters and sparkling sandy shores. Whatever your favorite beach activity is, be it surfing, snorkeling, swimming, or our personal favorite- relaxing with a new book in hand- Poipu makes for a perfect scenic backdrop to your summer fun.

  • Sayulita Beach in Sayulita, Mexico

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      A clean, pristine beach that has rightfully earned its rep as an idyllic coastline next to a picturesque seaside town. With some rugged edges and endless sand, Sayulita Beach attracts visitors from around the world to its tried-and-tested surfing waters and soft shorelines that are begging for you to just lay down your towel and spend a relaxing afternoon. A spot that is great for the entire family, with plenty of tasty street food and funky souvenir shops nearby, Sayulita Beach is one of our favorite beaches in Mexico for an exciting getaway.