Best Beach Getaways For Early Summer

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Kick-off your summer travel plans the right way- lots of sunshine and sandy shores. Whether you hit the beach to relax and unwind, or are looking for a coastline adventure- we have selected the world's most incredible, top-rated beaches for your early summer travel. So it's time to sink your toes into some cool sand, let's dive into the best beach getaways for early summertime travel.

Poipu Beach, Marietas Islands, Sardinia, Similan Islands, Gili Trawangan, Santa Teresa Beach, Bondi Beach

  • Poipu Beach in Koloa, United States

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      Consistently ranked as one of America's top beaches, Hawaii's Poipu Beach is an almost dreamlike experience mixed with pure adventure. Whether you're stopping by for some major r&r, gorgeous views, or to hike stunning scenery- Hawaii has no shortage of excellent destinations to explore. Poipu Beach differentiates itself from the usual tourist traps and allows visitors to truly experience the idyllic beach life of Hawaii.

  • Marietas Islands, Mexico

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      The hidden beach of the Marietas Islands is a beach experience any aficionado will not want to miss. Unlike other beaches across the world, this hidden paradise enclave encompasses an enclosure of sandy shores and clear, glistening water. A chance to enjoy the beach like you never have before- this one is for the adventurous seekers out there.

  • Sardinia, Italy

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      What could be a better start to your summer than a stunning island in the Mediterranean sea? Indulge in sandy shores and gorgeous sunshine with a healthy dose of Italian cuisine, wine, and major r&r. Whether you would like to spend your morning sipping espresso in authentic Italian cafes, or hit the beach all day and soak up the sunshine, Sardinia is a dreamlike beach destination.

  • Similan Islands, Thailand

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      Known as Thailand's paradise, the Similan Islands are a chain of idyllic islands lining shimmering blue waters. Hop throughout these gorgeous beach spots for varying landscapes, gorgeous scenery, and spectacular granite rock formations. Everything you imagine a luxury beach getaway to be; pristine sand and turquoise waters in every direction with a touch of continuous sparling sunlight.

  • Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

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      One of three tiny islands off the coast of Lombok, Gili Trawangan is a slice of sunshine and paradise. Enjoy stunning natural surroundings; lush greens, white shores, and turquoise waters, with a touch of adventure.

  • Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

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      A trending beach town, Santa Teresa is one of the most exciting beaches to visit in Costa Rica. Incredible surf, gorgeous wildlife, idyllic temperatures, and stunning sandy shores combine to be one of the world's most iconic beach experiences. Soak up some major sunshine and hit Santa Teresa for an early summer excursion to remember.

  • Bondi Beach in Bondi Beach, Australia

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      One of Australia's most famous beaches, this Sydney adjacent paradise is like a dream come true in the early summer months of Australia. The quintessential beach experience, soft sandy shores, shimmering waves, clear skies, and plenty to see and experience.