Beach Vacation Destinations This Winter In Europe

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Europe has a reputation for being a chilly winter destination, but if you turn just a tad south you will find some of the most gorgeous, lively, and adventurous destinations that would satisfy any need for vitamin D. Explore these gorgeous European destinations, embrace new cultures, and tour some of the world's most ancient cities. These beachy spots each have their own character, from the south of France to northern Africa, or soaking in the Mediterranean sea, get ready for a seaside winter vacay to remember- European style.

Madeira Islands, Nice, Majorca, Malta, Sicily, Canary Islands, Cyprus

  • Madeira Islands, Portugal

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      Geographically African and culturally European, this gorgeous country is brimming with culture, delicious cuisine, and history- where else would you escape the winter blues too? Enjoy a pleasantly warm breeze, and overall calm temperature while exploring stunning architecture and breathtaking natural landscapes.

  • Nice in Nice, France

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      This ancient French riviera city gleams year-round, and with a holiday spirit, explore boutiques, cafes, markets, and more as the city remains charming and lively. Slightly chillier temperatures than during the summer, but with a turquoise-colored sky, vibrantly painted historical architecture, and stunning beach- it's no wonder you will feel so warm inside exploring this destination.

  • Majorca, Spain

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      Fun and lively Mallorca, one of the Mediterranean's best-kept secrets. Explore morning misted scenery, delicious food, and endless historical sights, Mallorca provides a perfect temperature and stunning backdrop for all your beach-side winter exploration.

  • Malta

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      Winter is the most affordable and arguably pleasant time of year to traverse the stunning island country of Malta. Enjoy a comfortable climate, gorgeous natural views of the shimmering horizon, delectable cuisine, and historic sightseeing- without the usual crowds.

  • Sicily, Italy

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      Avoid the crowds and enjoy spending your vacay exploring stunning architecture and indulging in Italian cuisine. Sicily may not be the warmest beach getaway, but exciting and gorgeous and pleasantly temperate it will be. Surrounded by cascades of picturesque Italian buildings, enjoy a sandy shoreline and exciting hiking opportunities throughout the vast landscape of this beautiful Italian getaway.

  • Canary Islands, Spain

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      Enjoy strolls along this historic beach alongside a year-round temperate climate, the Canary Islands offers stunning volcanic landscapes and brightly colored architecture. Embrace local culture and cuisine, spend your sunny days sightseeing, or get in touch with nature amongst the gorgeous and dynamic landscape of the islands.

  • Cyprus

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      Idyllic beaches and endless cultural activities, gorgeous architecture, and delicious cuisine- if you haven't escaped to Cyprus in the winter yet we *highly* recommend you do. This stunning Mediterranean island gets so packed in the bustling summer months, but just as sunny and gorgeous in the winter- and without the crowds- enjoy Cyprus as it is meant to be.