Austin's Secret Speakeasies (and Where to Find Them)

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They say that everything's bigger in Texas, and that includes our giant love for secret speakeasies. Yep, that's right - Austin is home to countless hidden gems that offer an unforgettable night out. So, if you're looking for a unique and intimate spot to enjoy a cocktail (or two), you're in luck. From unmarked doors to secret passageways, these Austin speakeasies are sure to impress even the most seasoned bar-goer. In this List, we spill the beans on some of Austin's best-kept secrets and where to find them. So, grab your friends and let's explore the hidden side of Austin's nightlife scene!

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  • Midnight Cowboy in Austin, United States

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      At Midnight Cowboy, you'll find hand-crafted cocktails made by some of Austin's best bartenders in a former brothel, which still maintains its original name and website. Reservations are highly recommended, or keep an eye out for the light above the door to see if they're open for walk-ins. Once inside, press the "Harry Craddock" buzzer to be ushered into the dimly lit, intimate space and take a seat in one of the black booths for a classic cocktail. Don't miss their seasonal specials or supernatural punch bowls, which are perfect for sharing with friends. Midnight Cowboy is hidden in plain sight on East 6th Street, marked by a discreet sign that reads "Midnight Cowboy Modeling."

  • Eden Cocktail Room in Austin, United States

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      To find Eden Cocktail Room, you'll need to look for a red light and purple door located in the alleyway between Brazos and San Jacinto, between Sixth and Seventh Streets. Once you step inside, you'll be transported to a dark, inviting space with wooden and exposed brick decor. The theme of the bar is centered around Biblical sins, and you'll find drinks with names like In the Beginning, Naked and Shameless, and Fruit of the Forbidden. Reservations are highly recommended due to the popularity of this sinful spot.

  • Kinfolk Lounge & Library in Austin, United States

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      To find this semi-secret downstairs lounge, head to Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill in downtown Austin and look for the stairs next to the bar. Descend into the 170-year-old cellar and be transported to a brown spirits wonderland. This intimate lounge, with seating for just 20, offers a vast collection of whiskeys, scotch, mezcal, and tequila, served neat or in creative cocktails that range from Prohibition-Era to modern classics. Don't miss the Old Fashioned. In addition to drinks, guests can also enjoy charcuterie and cheese boards, as well as macarons from La Patisserie.

  • Red Headed Stepchild in Austin, United States

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      Red Headed Stepchild is a secret underground bar that requires a monthly code for entry. It's hidden behind a "Floppy Disk Repair Co." sign and mirrored facade, and features bar swings and a neon sign that reads "mmm…your hair smells pretty."

  • DuMont's Down Low in Austin, United States

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      Are you afraid of the dark? Descend the stairs to enter a downtown Austin speakeasy, located in the basement of a former Irish pub. The space, once a brothel, now offers over 70 labels of whiskey and a French Quarter ambiance, complete with the alleged ghost of former owner Blanche DuMont. Reservations are recommended.

  • Garage in Austin, United States

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      This tiny bar is a wild ride that you won't want to miss. Reservations are highly encouraged to get into this mid-century style concrete speakeasy. Inside, you can enjoy inventive cocktails and vibe. Keep an eye out for the "cocktails" neon sign over parked cars to find the entrance off of Fifth and Colorado.

  • Firehouse Lounge in Austin, United States

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      Austin's Firehouse Lounge is a Prohibition Era-style bar hidden behind a sliding bookshelf in the Firehouse Hostel's lobby. No reservations required, and this Dirty Sixth Street bar can get lively. Enjoy bespoke cocktails and live performances, and don't forget to ask the bartender for their recommendations based on your preferred spirit. Because it's still a hostel, you can definitely expect a little bit of late-night debauchery.

  • Small Victory in Austin, United States

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      In search of a cozy and intimate speakeasy experience in downtown Austin? Look no further than Small Victory: a hidden bar tucked away behind a parking garage. Once you climb the stairs and navigate through a narrow corridor adorned with stained glass lamps and parrots, you'll be treated to a comfortable seating area and an extensive menu of spirits, wines, and aperitifs. Don't miss out on their popular punches and carefully curated charcuterie and cheese boards.

  • Techo Mezcaleria & Agave Bar in Austin, United States

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      Techo is a Cherrywood mezcaleria run by the owners of Mi Madre's. Accessible through the side patio of Schoolhouse Pub, climb the stairs to discover a candlelit room perfect for sipping on copitas of single-village mezcal or enjoying a mezcal margarita on the rooftop patio. No reservations required - simply stop by for first-come, first-served seating. Don't miss out on this hidden gem, open Wednesday through Sunday.

  • Milonga Room in Austin, United States

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      Head to Milonga Room, a hidden gem located underneath Buenos Aires Café in Austin. With an extensive selection of amaro from around the world and hand-crafted cocktails influenced by Argentine origins, this speakeasy transports you to old Buenos Aires. Don't forget to make a reservation to access this secret basement bar, perfect for a pre- or post-dinner sip (and some delicious empanadas, too!).

  • Here Nor There in Austin, United States

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      Make your way down a gated alleyway near the Driskill Hotel to Here Nor There: an exclusive speakeasy hidden underground. While it was originally members-only, you can now request a reservation through their app and receive a code for entry. Once inside, you'll be greeted by a giant taxidermied bear and a dimly lit interior, perfect for enjoying some of the city's most delicious (but pricey) cocktails. Keep in mind that their menus change regularly, so you never know what exciting concoctions await!