August Travel Destinations In The USA

Seeker Editors

As summer melts into fall, we want to get our last summer vacations in before it starts getting too chilly for swimming in the moonlight, traversing mountaintops, or dancing on the beach. These destinations across the country sparkle beneath the August sunshine, with gorgeous natural landscapes, idyllic beaches, and historic sights around every corner. As we count down to bring out our cozy coats and apple cider mugs, we just want to embrace that summertime lifestyle a little bit longer, thank you very much. So Seekers, let’s dive into the best August travel destinations across the country.

Boston, San Diego, Park City, Glacier National Park, Milwaukee, Virginia Beach, Malibu

  • Boston, United States

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      Late summer is one of the best times to be in Boston, with early fall weather sinking into a bright and sunny daily life, the city is magnificent. One of the most historical destinations in the county and brimming with cultural festivities on an everyday basis, if you haven't visited Boston already it's time to add it to your bucket list.

  • San Diego, United States

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      You can spend the day swimming, surfing, indulging in delicious Mexican food, or shopping at luxury stores- what more could you want? San Diego has long been drawing crowds from across the globe during summertime to its sandy shores to experience California beach life. August has long been our favorite time of year to head there, as the summer comes to an end, tourists and locals are more energetic than ever to make the most of every day, complete with tasty food, festivities, and just plain fun.

  • Park City, United States

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      Some of the best hiking in the country, plentiful trails to explore, closeness to breathtaking nature, and picturesque cityscapes in the mountains that are hard to find elsewhere. This colorful town is ideal to visit in the late summer- with so many activities to do, sights to see and sprawling scenery to explore.

  • Glacier National Park, United States

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      Summer is all about national parks, and top off your summer days with a trip to one of the most exciting in the country. Some snow may fall in the middle of summer, but your chances are higher for more guaranteed hiking trails accessible at this time of year. With minimal snow comes minimal snow risk, scenic views, and gorgeous trails that are not as easy to access previously in the year.

  • Milwaukee, United States

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      With state fairs and festivals lined up each August, this trendy yet historic riverside city comes alive beneath the summer sunlight. Take a trip to this funky destination for plentiful activities, delicious food, and picturesque skyline views.

  • Virginia Beach, United States

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      To engage with beach life and all of its flair, the best time to visit Virginia Beach is surely the summertime, and we have a soft spot for mid-August beach travel. It can get crowded, due to the plentiful activities and festivals that roll out yearly, but it's worth any small line to experience the rush of seaside culture, and excitement that this destination has in store.

  • Malibu, United States

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      With less rainfall, a stable summery temperature in the 80s, melting sunsets, and idyllic shorelines- it's hard not to fall in love with Malibu in August. There is a reason August is the peak tourist season for this Cali beach getaway, cool off in the pool, explore the town, and embrace a quintessentially Californian dream vacation.