America's Abandoned Ghost Towns

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Ghost towns in America have long intrigued people old and young. Moments are frozen in time at these uncanny towns; ranches in the Old West, coal mining towns, and modern toxic cities, any explorer or history nerd is sure to discover something new at these historical destinations. Experience the California gold rush, or witness the decaying beauty of archival architecture. As the world rushes for “new, new, new” we love taking a moment to reflect on the history that echoes in old structures, and these preserved ghost towns across the country are a passage into ages past, continuously overlooking our modern achievements in antique silence. Let’s try time traveling today Seekers, and take a look into the mysterious and fascinating world of America’s ghost towns.

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  • Terlingua, United States

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      This old Texas ghost town encompasses old mining ruins and primitive architecture of ages past. Drawing in tourists year-round to time explore historical structure and lifestyle, Terlingua offers arts and crafts, local baked goods, and converted buildings into restaurants.

  • Goldfield Arizona, United States

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      Goldfield ghost town is a reconstructed 1890s gold mining town in Arizona that currently features a historical museum, mining tours, Old West gunfights, and more niche activities to explore. A moment locked in time forever, Goldfield caters yearly to tourists to provide an authentic archival experience.

  • Rhyolite in Nevada, United States

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      Rhyolite Ghost Town is tucked away into Death Valley National Park, made up of ruins from a 1905 gold-mining town. The site has been used as the backdrop for Hollywood movies, and currently features fascinating art installations that incorporate the rustic old architecture of the town.

  • Calico, United States

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      On of the best preserved ghost town in America, Calico is a former mining town in southern California that has been abandoned since the 1890s around when silver lost its value. What was once an icon for mining silver, is now redesignated as a park, complete with preserved structures of eras past.

  • Cody in Wyoming, United States

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      Cody was once the homestead ranch of William F. Cody in Wyoming, and to this day remains a memory of the wild west. Explore old wooden hotels, historical structures, and wagons that mark an iconic American memory.

  • Centralia, United States

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      Centralia is classified as a rare “modern” ghost town with echoes of a past rich in coal which supported the lifestyle of residents until the 1960s when a disastrous fire threatened daily life. Once massive sinkholes begin appearing combined with regular fires it was time for many of the residents to move, leaving the empty bones of a vibrant modern town’s past behind them. Centralia is known as a “Toxic” town, with high levels of gas, and the rearrangement of the town due to fires.

  • Orla, United States

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      Orla, Texas is a hidden desert city whose remnants remain against the test of time and discarding efforts. A bare-bones destination with plenty of abandoned sights to explore, from old grocery stores to houses, Orla is ideal for adventurous looking to go off the beaten pathway in their ghost town exploration.

  • Bodie, United States

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      Bodie offers visitors the chance to step into the high-stakes age of the California gold rush. With preserved authenticity, Bodie is home to hundreds of old wooden houses, buildings in “arrested decay”, and powerful memory of old Americana to uncover.

  • Virginia City, United States

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      Virginia City is a technical ghost town that is still brimming with liveliness, frozen in the past, the city represents the days of mining towns. Virginia city is located high up within the Rocky Mountains of Montana, and to this day captivates visitors with its preservation and testament to history.

  • Thurmond, United States

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      This old West Virginia mining town from the coal country has its barren environment preserved for tourists. A true relic of the past, Thurmond is a place where time stands still. With old train tracks and a barren commerce area, Thurmond is home to just under 10 residents.