Amazing Ice Cream Spots Around The World

Seeker Editors

Nothing beats velvety and sweet scoops wrapped in a crunchy cone to combat a sweltering summer day. We are *big* fans of ice cream, and across the world, we have made it our mission to sample the locally loved parlors. From fruity watermelon Gelato in the south of France to decadent chocolate sundaes in Brooklyn, ice cream is something that is cherished worldwide. Visit these amazing destinations to indulge in some creamy, icy, goodness and create some bubblegum-flavored, rainbow sprinkled memories that will last forever.

Katchi Ice Cream, Brymor Ice Cream, Milky Bee, Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, Berthillon, GOMAYA KUKI, Leopold's Ice Cream, Madlab creamery, Fenocchio, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

  • Katchi Ice Cream in Berlin, Germany

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      Berin is one of the trendiest destinations so you can count on some beautiful cones, but at Katchi they are also extremely delicious. Katchi Ice Cream provides artful and rich ice cream nestled into the bustling capital of Germany. We recommend trying out their world-famous vegan options that come in a variety of fun flavors.

  • Brymor Ice Cream, England

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      Visit Brymor for award-winning clotted cream ice cream in the heart of Yorkshire. This beautiful parlor is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, serves ultra-creamy ice cream, and provides wholesome merriment for the entire family (and dog!)

  • Milky Bee in Seoul, South Korea

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      Photo-ops for social media are a central aspect of Seoul's socialite lifestyle, and Milky Bee has this nailed. Along with velvety gelato and ice cream, Milky Bee serves incredibly trendy rose-shaped ice cream desserts which are available in four different flavors. Enjoy this flowery and refreshing treat on your next Seoul adventure.

  • Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain in New York, United States

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      Refresh your busy NYC days with some old-fashioned dessert at Brooklyn Farmacy. This authentic soda fountain is expertly preserved, complete with decadent sundaes, milkshakes, egg creams, and more. Brooklyn Farmacy's menu has been locally sourced down to the chocolate syrup and walnuts. Enjoy rich and creamy ice cream and sparkling soda at this historical destination.

  • Berthillon in Paris, France

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      Berthillon serves the most luxurious, velvety ice cream in Paris. Within the sparkling authentically Parisien interior, Berthillon has a lengthy menu of gorgeous options, perfect for a summer in the city of love.

  • GOMAYA KUKI in Tokyo, Japan

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      If you are a fan of matcha treats, try authentic sesame ice cream for a smooth, traditionally Japanese taste that rivals that of matcha. Gomaya Kuki is considered to be one of the best ice cream parlors in the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo, offering a menu primarily featuring sesame ice cream with various Japanese toppers, such as mochi and kinako. Enjoy delicious Japanese flavors while strolling the trendy surrounding area.

  • Leopold's Ice Cream in Savannah, United States

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      Underneathmuted pink neon lights, Leopold's serves ultra-creamy homemade ice cream in the heart of Savannah, Georgia. Enjoy Leopold's authentic freshly made sundaes, and other tasty treats at this locally loved parlor.

  • Madlab creamery in Miami, United States

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      Visit Madlab creamery in Miami for a very cool twist on traditional ice cream, including funky flavors, plenty of bright colors to mimic the vibrant landscape, and even cotton candy topped scoops. This aesthetic destination is decked out in bright pink and offers mouthwatering soft-serve with any topping you can imagine. A fun day out in Miami is incomplete without some world-class ice cream to help cool down.

  • Fenocchio in Nice, France

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      Along the picturesque southern coast of France in the colorful and vibrant city of Nice, make most of the Italian influence with some authentic, creamy, French gelato. Fenocchio attracts customers far and wide, and may potentially ruin all other ice creams for you- enjoy fresh, fruity flavors inspired by the gorgeous sunny landscape.

  • Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in New York, United States

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      This whimsical ice cream parlor has taken Manhatten by storm, Big Gay Ice Cream celebrates LGBTQ+ culture and serves creamy scoops to New Yorkers daily. With multiple locations across the city, be sure to stop by and cool off with their iconic desserts to combat the sweltering NYC summer and make the most of one of the most popular ice cream joints around.