Most Famous Restaurants in Portland

Riley Roberson

Quick math. Three meals a day is the norm - four if it's about 11:00 and you had a small dinner and you're still a little hungry and you're good at not feeling guilty about it. That means it would take you three days to get to these 10 restaurants in Portland with a few breaks for naps. This city bounces around on the list of top foodie cities in the US, and there is good reason why. Whether it's #2, #1, or anywhere else in the top 5, these restaurants keep it there.

Jake's Famous Crawfish, Lazy Susan, Davenport, Apizza Scholls, Mama Bird, Kayo's Ramen Bar, Kee's #Loaded Kitchen, Republica, MÅURICE, Mucca Osteria

  • Jake's Famous Crawfish in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      My wife & I ate here on our honeymoon, and when the food showed up to the table, we were borderline teary. You don't have to get married to cry over this food though. I believe Jake's is a well-run establishment that would be good wherever they set up shop, but it receives bonuses for these multipliers: coastal city seafood, urban Portland foodie contribution, and some of the nicest people I've ever met.

  • Lazy Susan in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      Have you ever been to a "family charcoal diner"? If yes, do it again here. If not, put your phone down and get to Lazy Susan (I know you may have to pick your phone back up and put the address into maps--that is okay). They have heritage meats and hand-grown local produce. They provide a multi-course dinner for you. They have fondue. If you still aren't on the way then I don't know what to say.

  • Davenport in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      Make a reservation at this spot that they describe as "incredibly fresh and simply prepared." The owners named the restaurant after the midpoint between their hometowns: Chicago and Iowa City. The collab they have going in Portland is beautiful, fresh, clean, and tasty.

  • Apizza Scholls in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      This pizza place does the uniquely nice-pizza-place thing of setting up the pizza on one of those metal pedestals that make the pizza look borderline holy. I understand that what matters more is what's actually on the pedestal, and that's good too: Bacon Bianca, Diablo Blanco, fresh mozzarella, calzones, and more.

  • Mama Bird in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      If you're looking for Oregon-y, this place is very Oregon-y. They have revolving seasonal dishes and they even use Oregon white oak to cook chicken -- some of which is cooked in a pineapple brine. You may not be a pineapple on pizza person, but you should be a pineapple on chicken person. Mama Bird's will teach you.

  • Kayo's Ramen Bar in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      I didn't know "ramen geeks" was a thing, but it is, and they love Kayo's. I can see why. When you're craving salty-savory-warm, this is a great place to go. But they also have deserts, like Japanese-inspired cheesecake!

  • Kee's #Loaded Kitchen in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      If you recognize this #Loaded sign, you may have fallen victim to one of the biggest afternoon naps you have ever taken. There is beef brisket, cinnamon brown sugar pound cake, pork chops, candied yams, cinnamon brown sugar pound cake, fried chicken, and also, if you can imagine, cinnamon brown sugar pound cake.

  • Republica in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      Multi-colored quesadilla. There aren't a lot of other combinations of words I can say that can get you there outside of that. Here is an attempt with three more: They have conchas.

  • MÅURICE in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      Think about it this way: You just got a couple of books at Powell's, and you're looking for a bright place to grab a bite to eat and read. This is it. Or you're walking around and you work up a little appetite and you want a pastry that wasn't frozen and sent to the store. Something with lemon. This is it. Or you have a craving for a sandwich, but not just any sandwich. A nice one. And one that doesn't have a face. Yes, an open face sandwich. You may not be surprised to hear me say that... This is it.

  • Mucca Osteria in Portland, United States

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    • rileyroberson

      Mucca Osteria is a place you want to go when you're hungry and you want "dinner" dinner. You dress nice. They dress nice. There's a tablecloth--yes, a tablecloth. You can get prosciutto, and if you have to look up what that is or how to pronounce it, that's how you know you're getting "dinner" dinner here.