Best Unique Cocktails Bars in Prague

Reina Cartagena

Either you feel fancy one night or you are just trying to change the beer for once, There are many awesome cocktails bars that you need to try! As a cocktail sommelier, here is my top list! Not only for the reasonable prices but for experimental cocktails and unique environment.

Tynska Bar and Books, Tretter's, Anonymous Shrink's Office, Hemingway Bar, Cobra, Bukowski's Bar, Tiki Taky Bar, Parlour

  • Tynska Bar and Books, Czech Republic

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    • reinacartagena

      In Bars & Books, you will enjoy their selection of Bond-inspired drinks like Vesper or GoldenEye. You sit by the table and the welcoming staff helps you with the selection of drinks and brings you small snacks to go with them. The atmosphere of this bar is a bit more intimate and quiet!

  • Tretter's, Czech Republic

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    • reinacartagena

      Tretter’s is your place for cocktails if you’re looking for a “party vibe”, which many in Prague do. And the crowd in front of the bar is a lively mix of locals, expats, and foreign visitors. Their cocktails are so so good!

  • Anonymous Shrink's Office, Czech Republic

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    • reinacartagena

      Anonymous Shrink’s Office cocktail menu is given to you in a form of a Rorshach Test: you get a series of cards with inkblots, have a good look at them, and choose one. The bartender then reveals what the drink is, and if you’re happy with your choice, they will fix it for you. It's really an experience apart from just having a drink! Make sure to make a reservation.

  • Hemingway Bar, Czech Republic

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    • reinacartagena

      Hemingway Bar has been a local favorite for years. As the name suggests, the bar has a slight focus on rums but the professionals behind the bar will fix you a drink out of just about anything. The bar uses quality ingredients, with many bitters made in house, and the bartenders make sure you understand what goes into every drink and why. No wonder why is one favorites among locals and tourists.

  • Cobra, Czech Republic

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    • reinacartagena

      Cobra with plentiful of beverage options, sweet DJ tunes, and a trendy interior, this bar makes for the perfect hideout after dark. Besides their wine selection, I love their signature cocktails. They also serve delicious food – and coffee, for when it’s just a tad too early for that Whisky Sour.

  • Bukowski's Bar, Czech Republic

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    • reinacartagena

      Bukowski's is THE place to have a drink, before diving into the Prague nightlife of the Žižkov area. This, probably because of the cozy interior – but also because of their fabulous drinks that their barkeepers put together. So if you're somewhere inŽižkov you need to stop here.

  • Tiki Taky Bar, Czech Republic

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    • reinacartagena

      Be prepared to be teleported to a faraway land full of sunshine, warmth, and – of course – heavenly cocktails. They also boast a drink that has so much power so be careful and don't let the sweet cocktails trick you. One of my personal favorites is their Bloody Mary and their Pina Colada. Paired with their island-like interior, Tiki Taky will make you feel you're somewhere in Hawaii! What's not to love!!

  • Parlour, Czech Republic

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    • reinacartagena

      Parlour is a tiny place in Krakovska street, a truly uninspired piece of the city near the top of the Wenceslas Square. I won't blame you if you have a hard time finding it: out of all the Prague bars listed, this one truly is a “hidden gem". It is also fairly small: the bar sits about twenty maximum. Given these qualities, Parlour wins the prize as the place to visit if quiet is what you like with your drink. It's very romantic and is definitely one of my favorites bars in Prague! Perfect for a romantic date, if your want to partyyy, look elsewhere. The drinks are so delicious and well made im sure you'll be coming back.