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  • Iconic KC Meals and Dishes

    Every great city has them: defining dishes that do more than just feed the countless locals and visitors who walk through restaurant doors. These meals tell a story, either about the way food was, the way it is or the way it will be, sometimes all three at once. Kansas City has a number of treasured menu items that are as unforgettable as the Western Auto sign or a late-night session at the Mutual Musicians Foundation.
  • Kansas City Parade of Hearts- Downtown

    This spring, more than 100 local artists will showcase their love for our region in a big way, and you can follow their hearts! Each of the 5-foot by 5-foot hearts is a unique design, with the artist’s inspiration and story behind it. Some hearts are whimsical, some are celebratory, some are thought-provoking…and all are simply beautiful. You’ll be captivated as you encounter these works of art during your normal daily travels. Download the app and plan your very own heart-stopping tour with Kansas City's KC hearts map!
  • National Museums in Kansas City

    Widely celebrated as a hotbed of barbecue, jazz and fountains, Kansas City has also curated a reputation as a preeminent destination for museum-goers. Whether in search of western heritage, world war understanding or smaller-than-life miniatures, Kansas City touts an assortment of national museums that examine culture, conflict and compromise.
  • Queer Eye in KC Self-Guided Tour: Season 3

    Season 3 introduced the Fab 5 to Kansas City—and the world to some of the most beloved Queer Eye heroes in history, including a pair of barbecuing sisters, a woman learning to appreciate her identity and a young father raising his children after an untimely death.
  • Queer Eye in KC Self-Guided Tour: Season 4

    Relive iconic moments from Seasons 3 and 4 of Queer Eye by exploring in-depth guides that showcase the restaurants, attractions and other hotspots frequented by the Fab 5 and the heroes they helped. Can you believe?

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