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  • Best bites in Minneapolis

    I'm pretty convinced Minneapolis is one of the country's most underrated food cities. Pop over to these spots for a little bit of everything! #SeekerChallenge
  • Massive skyscrapers that are both awesome and kinda intimidating

    From my hometown faves to futuristic looking cities I haven't visited yet, these structures kinda intimidate me, but I really find 'em fascinating.
  • Best places to check out around Canggu

    Canggu is popular among expats, surfers, digital nomads, yogis, and beach-seeking vacationers. It's a super fun area of Bali where foreigners and locals alike enjoy the vibrant energy — and you'll probably end up staying longer than you expected. Hell, I was supposed to come here for one month and it has been ten. These are a few places you should definitely check out if you're in town!
  • Bali: Best beaches around the island

    I've been living here for almost 10 months (!!) which is crazy to me — and I've had a lot of time to explore the various beaches that this island is so well-known for. My favorites are definitely down in Uluwatu, but there are plenty of unique finds across the island. It just depends what you're into. Between water sports, lounging, day cocktails, or marine life — there's plenty of options for every preference.
  • Bali: Best waterfalls around the island

    Once you head up north to the mountainous region of Bali — prep yourself to chase tons of waterfalls because this area is full of 'em!!
  • Ho Chi Minh City: must see spots

    I spent about 3 weeks in Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon as some call it) after a massive motorbike trip down the entire country.
  • Peru: Most stunning sights across the country

    Mountains, deserts, cities, jungles -- Peru has every type of landscape and I actually couldn't believe the diversity when I was there?! You have to see them all seriously
  • Copenhagen: Best places to have a picnic

    Copenhagen's weather may be tricky, but I absolutely love going to the grocery store (Netto or equivalent) and getting some snacks to eat outdoors. I frequented these places so much when I lived there!
  • Paris: Best cafés and restaurants for atmosphere

    I'm a sucker for the occasional fancy restaurant (especially when it has a view of the Eiffel Tower...ehm) but this list incorporates a wide range of places—not just the fancy ones. They're each special to me in their own way!
  • Paris: Best green spaces to hang out at

    Paris is pretty hectic and sprawling, but surprisingly, there are so many chill spots to read a book or have a picnic in the grass.

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