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World traveler, mom of two teenagers, wife, luxury beach vacation seeker, sometimes a roadtripper

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  • Mayakoba, Mexico (Playa del Carmen)

    Mayakoba is an exclusive, well guarded area next to Playa del Carmen. There are only four hotels in Mayakoba and you can move freely between the four of them with all the different restaurants and shops. The resort offers free golf cart rides between everything. All four hotels are on the sand with restaurants to enjoy the beach and pools. All the hotels have some rooms available right on the sand but then the rest of the rooms are back towards the lobby with in the jungle. To get around everyone has access to beach cruiser bikes and there are constant staffed golf carts going by that will take you wherever you want to go, and also boats that drive you through the jungle from the lobby area to the beach.
  • Los Cabos

    Here is a list of carefully chosen hotels & restaurants to visit for a fantastic time in Los Cabos with or without kids/ teens.
  • Grand Canyon Trip

    A long weekend get away with the family to the Grand Canyon - glamping, biking, sightseeing.

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