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Hi everyone! My name is Lydia and my journey of becoming a traveller started from a very young age. As a child, I grew up listening to my parents' stories of their road trips around Europe and life in the Middle East. Thus, I knew from before even going to school that I wanted to do that too. At the age of 18 I left my tiny country, Cyprus, to study Environmental Science at the University of Leeds in the UK. Since then I was able to travel, volunteer and work abroad. Nowadays, I work as a freelance travel writer and I volunteer frequently as a global studies or English teacher for high school students online. Meanwhile, I share my experiences and ambition of bringing awareness of the importance of diversity, harmony, and unity to the world through my travel blog Stories of Yesterday and podcast Modern Mythology.

Lydia Michael's Lists

  • Wine Adventures in Cyprus

    Like other Mediterranean Countries Cyprus has plenty of delicious wines. Hoowever, in Cyprus you will also find the oldest labelled wine in the world, Coumandaria.
  • Embrace Nature

    Top national parks in the UK
  • Greece for History Lovers

    Greece history is rich and diverse but there are some parts of Greek history everyone should know and visit.
  • Majestic Castles in Central Europe

    Central Europe is a magical land of majestic castles and legends of dragons, princesses and knights.
  • Colours of nature

    The world is just a huge canvas filled with brilliant colours. Here are the top natural places and parks I've visited around the world for #seekerchallenge
  • Cyprus Bucket List

    Cyprus is my home and it is just a tiny country compare to other gigantic countries. But there are still stunning places to visit with rich history, culture and wonderful nature

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