James Knowlton


Hello! My chosen name is James. I am an artist and healer, a compassionate and curious person. I love visual driven experience i.e. museums or eating in an aesthetically pleasing environment with good conversation. I also enjoy dancing, adventure, travel, and the outdoors. I love to garden and feel super connected to and in awe of trees! ❣︎

James Knowlton's Lists

  • Summer Spots in Portland

    With almost 8 months of gray, Summer is a much awaited respite from the gloom. Portlanders certainly will let you know, the Winter's may be hard, but the Summers make it all worth it.
  • Portland, A Pup's Paradise

    A list for dogs and their humans. Portland has the nation’s highest dog park per capita with a total of 33 in the city! This list will have some of those, as well as eateries, and other outings for you and your furry friend.
  • Plant Based Paradise in Portland, OR

    Hello my fellow plant eaters! If you don't eat meat and/or dairy and/or simply love what a vegetable can do...this list is for you!
  • Portland Cafes, It's a Lifestyle

    Let's get buzzed on bean juice in the PNW! While the coffee quality is absolutely considered, this list is really about ambiance. Coffee experts don't come at me, feel free to make a list of your own. Who doesn't love a good cafe to work in, get cozy, and / or have an awkward first date at. Hopefully these places will make all those experiences a little more enjoyable. Hey, even if the date doesn't work out, at least you'll have your new go to chill spot.

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