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If I could summarize my life with 5 words I’d choose pizza, concerts, travel, volleyball, and pizza again! Also, remember to always #ChooseLove

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  • Quite places in Manhattan

    As you may have noticed, I'm in love with NYC. Everytime it's just a mix of emotions I get when I'm there. But what I love the most is that even if it's one of the most chaotic cities, you can still find some quite and peace to enjoy a good book. #SeekerChallenge
  • Foodie's trip itinerary in Milan, Italy

    Do not miss these places if you're in Milan! #SeekerChallenge
  • Unique Cafes & Restaurants all over the world

    We all love food, yes. But why not combine yummy goodies with a unique interior? I've been to every single Cafe & Restaurant in this list so trust me on this one! :)
  • Food itinerary in the Silicon Valley

    I would make every list food-themed lol Here’s the itinerary of the places I went to in the Silicon Valley, California! #SeekerChallenge
  • Islands to visit before I die

    When I went to Hawaii I fell in love with the nature and the sensation of stillness. Before I die I really want to travel to other islands, expecially the most underrated ones! #SeekerChallenge
  • 10 surreal places to visit before I die

    I literally update my bucket list daily, but these 10 places will always be at the top! Covid-19 is stopping us from traveling but it won't stop us from hoping and dreaming. For now, wear a mask and be safe! #SeekerChallenge
  • Places I've ticked off my bucket list

    I'm 22 and feeling super grateful for all the places I've been able to visit so far. #SeekerChallenge

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