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Hi! Hola! I am from Argentina, living in the Bay and loving the nature gems on every corner of the U.S. I just finished my Bachelor's degree in Tourism, so now I am here ready to put myself out there and share my passion for travel and tourism. Other facts about me: - Love hiking and catching sunsets - Coffee and animals lover - Vegan for Earth and its living creatures - Solo traveler - Music festivals for the soul - Studied French and Portuguese for 3 years and remember zero. Planning on getting back to learning French. IG @byromalaga follow along this journey!

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  • Places to visit in Buenos Aires, ARG

    This a bucket list of places you should include in your visit to Buenos Aires city. Mainly if its your first time there. Let yourself surprise with the beauty and history this city carries with. Before building your checklist I wanna make sure you understand the difference in between Buenos Aires as the city and Buenos Aires as the province. In Argentina, the territory is divided by provinces (like states) and there's a lot of confusion when for example I tell people I am from Buenos Aires. Many people who were lucky enough to visit it, understand I was born in the city. I totally get the confusion, that is why I wanna clarify to you, there's two different Buenos Aires. So this list is about the city itself. Let's explore!

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