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I'm a Diverse Serial Traveler & Writer. From 1st class experiences to camping adventures, I love them all. I may be biased, but Memphis, Tennessee is the best place in the world, in my opinion!

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  • Black History & Culture Across America Northern Route

    <p>This itinerary will take you from the East Coast starting in Richmond VA, through the Midwest, and into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, covering over 2,000 miles and a network of cities ending in Denver, CO. Each of these sites has its own unique contributions to African American history and culture.</p>
  • Black History & Culture Across America Southern Route

    <p>Embark on a journey through the southern United States, starting in Charleston, SC, and ending in Houston, TX. Explore the rich African American history and culture in each city, from the Civil Rights landmarks in Selma and Montgomery to the vibrant jazz scene in New Orleans. This itinerary covers over 2,000 miles and offers a deep dive into the diverse heritage of the South.</p>
  • Vegan (comfort) Food in Memphis You Gotta Try

    Discover delicious vegan comfort food in Memphis that'll satisfy your cravings and warm your heart. It's a flavorful journey that celebrates both taste and culture!
  • Best Place For Hot Wings In Memphis, Tn

    Most people know Memphis for its BBQ. However, you can't leave Memphis without trying the hot wings too! In this list, I'm sharing the best places to order Honey Gold or Honey Hot wings just like a Memphian!
  • Best Day-Date Restaurants in Washington DC

    Hanging out in the Nation's Capital and looking for a cool place to have a Day Date? Whether solo or with bae, check out some of these dope spots. They open early and offer great vibes for a pic or two!
  • Most Instgrammable Murals In Memphis

    Most people know Memphis for the musical art. But that's not the only art form Memphis is praised for. From music to the performing arts and everything in between, Memphis has it all. In this list, I'm sharing the most instagrammable murals (& structures) in Memphis, so get your camera ready and strike a pose! Please note that some of these murals are identified by the address of the nearest building and may take you looking around a corner or two to see it.
  • Outdoor Bars, Patios + Live Music in Memphis

    When the weather starts to heat up outside, Memphians immediately begin their search to find the best place to chill. And let me tell you, it doesn’t take long to find that perfect spot…or 3. Good food, great drinks, live entertainment, and favorable company (not necessarily in that order) are all qualifying prerequisites. With over 100 places to choose from, your options are endless. In this list, I’ll help identify the best place(s) for you to chill on your next visit to the Memphis area.

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