A Central American country linking South and North America with a famous canal enabling global maritime trade through its two coasts.

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In 2013, Panama was *the* it destination of the year, having been written up in tons of magazines and guides, including Travel and Leisure. But that ranking was based off of all-inclusive resorts, not for people like me who like to walk around aimlessly and eat street food. If you're like me, you'll be just as disappointed. The streets weren't safe or pretty and you have to pay top dollar for a good meal. And if you don't have a paid activity planned, there's nowhere to just hang out.

netanyas 3 years ago

Rosie Bell, @thebeachbell writes: "I absolutely adore Panama and it’s one of the places I can never stop returning to. My first trip was love at first sight and I’m still captivated by the postcard beaches, the music, the seafood, and all the sounds. As a travel writer, being in an environment that lights my flames benefits my writing, too. In my heart, it simply feels like home."

seeker 3 years ago

traveleaterjohanna 3 years ago

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    The slender Isthmus of Panama is caressed by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. A place that is endlessly alluring for beach lovers, many visit to see the famous canal, but stay and fall in love with both coasts where white sand beaches mesh with wild jungle. Untouched islets and alluring archipelagos await. Panama […]