A West African nation known for its diverse wildlife, old forts, secluded beaches, and significant gold, cocoa, and oil resources.

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  • Why Every Black Traveler Should Visit Cape Coast, Ghana

    The first time I visited Cape Coast Castle was in 2019. Ghana invited African descendants back home to reconnect with our roots, and I spent months planning to experience all that was awaiting me on the other side of the Atlantic. While the local bars and restaurants were high on my list, I knew that […]

  • The Best Festivals For Black Travelers in 2023

    Community and Blackness go hand-in-hand. Simply put, it’s not easy living in a world where your culture is constantly appropriated and commodified without credit. As a response, we’ve collectively begun carving out spaces of boldness and Blackness designed by us, for us. While joining Black travel groups and following inspiring Black travel bloggers bring us together, […]