A Nordic island nation known for its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, and massive glaciers.

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As of April 6th, Iceland welcomes vaccinated tourists outside of the European Schengen zone. Iceland tops bucket lists worldwide, and being an extremely safe country without a heavy impact from Covid on the vast natural attractions makes it a perfect summertime destination. Reykjavik comes alive in the summer, after the long winter, and with all that cheer you are sure to be energized to explore the volcanic landscapes and tundras of this gorgeous country.

seeker 3 years ago

For adventurous moms, take a trip to the vast and unique landscape of Iceland. Known as the land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is sculpted of volcanoes and tundra, witness towering waterfalls, luminescent ice caves, active glaciers, and exciting hiking trails. After busy days of adventuring out in the gorgeous country, unwind at one of the plentiful natural hot spring options which dot the country.

seeker 3 years ago

Icy cold air and steaming hot thermal baths, Iceland brings an extreme twist to fall that allows visitors the chance to engage with nature in a life-changing way. Explore the golden circle, dipped in honey tones and ruby red hues, treat yourself to natural spas, and enjoy Icelandic cuisine that is sure to fuel up any adventurer.

seeker 2 years ago

Iceland's otherwordly landscape has designated the island as one of the world's most mysteriously beautiful destinations on the planet. Tour cascading waterfalls, lava rock landscapes, sandy shores, and bubbling geysers. Iceland is incredibly friendly and welcoming to tourism, and takes immense pride in the country's incredible beauty and hospitality.

seeker 2 years ago

Iceland’s golden circle is the ultimate road trip dream, imagine spending hours on the road immersed in an ethereal landscape just to hit some of the earth’s most astounding natural wonders. Witness glacier caves, watch live geysers shoot up into the sky, hike behind towering waterfalls, and more.

seeker 3 years ago

Iceland is powered by thermal energy, the country has been innovative in how they develop sustainably. Explore active geysers, milky lagoons, and towering waterfalls at this truly awe-inspiring destination.

seeker 3 years ago

I definitely need to go there and see the northern lights, im not much into cold weather but for sure I can make an exception.

reinacartagena 3 years ago

I feel like Iceland is becoming a little touristy, but I'd still love to check out all the unique things this country has to offer.

netanyas 3 years ago

Next destination on my bucket list! Planning to go in October if everything is still somewhat normal with covid restrictions.

katie 3 years ago

Brought out my nature girl side

thegoddess_pallas 3 years ago

traveleaterjohanna 3 years ago

Iceland Guides

  • A Sub-Arctic Feast Around Iceland

    jimmytayles (James Taylor)
    From hearty plates of seafood to sustainably sourced lamb and beef, Iceland is a foodie heaven. Over many years exploring the country, I've slowly gathered up a collection of my favourite places to eat.
  • How to Live as a Fairy in Reykjavik

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    If you have ever daydreamed about getting lost amongst cute garden cafes and artisan boutiques underneath a brightly colored sky of pink and green, perhaps you can live your fairy dreams in real life in the land of fire and ice. Iceland is an island country adorned with adorable elf houses, geographic phenomena, and a sustainable way of life. You walk underneath waterfalls in the morning and shop for vintage jewelry in the evening. Here is a little guide to get you started on experiencing life in Iceland as a real-life fairy.
  • Most Dreamy Places to Visit in Iceland

    madeleineray (Madeleine Ray)
    After writing my previous list about where to become a fairy in Iceland, I decided to continue with that theme and include even more dreamy spots for the perfect Icelandic vacation escape from reality. I was lucky in high school to have made a lifelong friend with an Icelandic girl who always lets me stay with her as well as show me the most special parts of her small and enchanting country. Here are more ideas of what to do in Iceland, whether you dream of being a fairy or just want to enjoy natural landscapes, delicious drinks, and sustainable fashion.
  • In Case You're Passing Through Iceland

    thegoddess_pallas (Pallas-Amenah Morgan)
    Ever had a one-day layover and wished you'd made better use of your time? Here's a list to save the next time you find yourself short on time in Iceland!
  • 6 Stunning Stops Along Iceland’s Southwest Coast

    jasmineagbhow (Jasmine Caceres)
    Iceland must be one of the top countries to visit if ranking by natural beauty. Each region has it’s own unique and mind-blowing natural landmarks, and the south is no different.
  • Four Bars to “Spin the Wheel” in Reykjavik

    jasmineagbhow (Jasmine Caceres)
    I’m not sure if alcohol actually increases luck or just makes you feel as if it it can. But with a handful of Reykjavik bars that offer “pay to spin” game wheels, I can guarantee it’s probably the latter.
  • #WhatLaurenAte

    laurenmack (Lauren Mack)
    Exceptional places I have eaten around the world.
  • Best Things to Do in Iceland

    jimmytayles (James Taylor)
  • Iceland ✔️

    themarvelousmrsm (Josette Faye Mamsaang)
    The land of fire and ice. We were captivated of how beautiful this country is. Went in November, was raining on some days but still worth seeing the landscapes, waterfalls, etc. We even saw the Northern Lights on our way on the plane, when we were passing Canada. Didn’t get a chance to see the lights while in Iceland due to the ugly weather we had though we still had so much fun exploring it.
  • Iceland on the Cheap

    booksandbao (Jessica Esa)
  • Life Changing Views in Iceland

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    There is a reason Iceland is chosen to be in so many music videos. The Island of Iceland is full of geothermal hot springs, explosive geysers, and lush green fields. A getaway to Iceland is sure to nourish and refresh, with healthy and delicious foods, friendly people, and once-in-a-lifetime views for your soul. Whether you want to soak in the luxurious Blue Lagoon, snack on healthy Icelandic skyr at a cozy cafe in Reykjavik, or travel to each spot around the famous Golden Circle to hunt rainbows in towering waterfalls and see water explode from a geyser- we have the list for you. We are big fans of the healthy and refreshing lifestyle that Iceland offers, and we left no lava rock unturned in curating this list of life-changing views and experiences available in the land of fire and ice.
  • Iceland Road Trip - Food & Sights!

    ryan (Ryan Haq)
  • Iceland Road Trip

    meandering_wild (Suzanne E)
  • 10 Must-Visit Spots on Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula

    jasmineagbhow (Jasmine Caceres)
    The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a part of Iceland’s western region and is known as “Little Iceland” due to the several landscapes. It’s also home to several must-visit attractions.
  • East Fjords Explorer

    meandering_wild (Suzanne E)
    The East Fjords in Iceland are a quiet corner of the country with a beautiful coastline and small villages
  • Places To See The Northern Lights

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    The elusive aurora borealis isn’t as elusive as you might think, these northern destinations may be chilly but are a guarantee for optimal viewing on clear nights. Watching muted tones of neon green and electric purple swaying in the night sky is one of the most unique and ethereal experiences we can have on the planet- and we want to help you plan your northern lights adventure. So grab some winter clothes and start packing, from the lava rock terrain of Iceland to the grassy fields of northern Canada- these magical destinations are just a plane flight away.
  • Pride Summer 2022 Celebrations Around The World

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Pride is one of the most iconic events of the year, and these destinations have some incredible plans. All summer long, from Montreal to NYC to London and everything in between, these destinations are being painted in rainbow colors, rainbow flags, and *lots* of confetti. So let's check out the most sparkling events of the season, happy Pride!
  • Party Cities For An Unforgettable NYE

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    So we are daydreaming about all the crazy and electrifying parties taking place all over the planet on New Year's eve, and we just *had* to put a little list together for any party animals looking for an unforgettable start to the new year. From Las Vegas to Berlin, whether you seek underground clubbing or flashy parties- these destinations have everything you could ask for, *and more*. So let's start this year on the right foot, and spend our last night dancing away worries of yesteryear. Cheers!
  • Bucket List Exploration destinations

    charliepankey (Charlie Pankey)
    Places i d love to hike, backpack or just explore the hidden secrets
  • Best National Parks With Waterfalls

    seeker (Seeker Editors)
    Shimmering towers of clear water spurting out from impressive heights while lining rocky edges and forming geometric shapes- yes, we are big fans of waterfall tourism. Across the globe, there are countless national parks full of unique cascades to witness, from sky-high cliffs in Iceland to the rainforests of Bolivia. We present our selection of the best national parks to discover mesmerizing waterfall action.

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  • 31 of the Best Things to Do in Iceland

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    Welcome to Iceland, where the rugged and natural beauty can be found in icy blue waterfalls, black beaches, massive volcanos, and sparkling northern lights. Unlike other spots around the world, Iceland’s wild (and relatively untouched) landscape demands to be conquered slowly, carefully, and on its own terms. Road tripping is undisputedly one of the best […]

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  • Iceland in Winter: Fall In Love With Reykjavik In Total Darkness

    In December, Reykjavik will see just four hours of daylight from when the sun rises around 11am and sets at 3:30pm. During the daylight hours, the sun will rise to a max high of 3-degrees on the horizon, barely peeking out. If you think that visiting Iceland in winter sounds totally crazy, think again! Not […]