Best Cheap Eats in Mexico City

Johnny Ward

Mexico City is a food lover’s paradise. Everywhere you turn there’s another tasty dish being served up with your name on it. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy Mexico’s finest food. These cheap eats are all vegetarian friendly.

AKARMA, La Pitahaya Vegana, Pan D'Monium, Salvaxe, Tacos Veganos, Malportaco, Gatorta, Pan Comido, Yug Vegetariano, Vegamo MX, Vegan Inc., VEGuerrero, Viko, Frutos Prohibidos - AMSTERDAM

  • AKARMA, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      This used to be a delivery only service, but with the food these guys make, that was never going to satisfy the locals. They now have seating available which is perfect for enjoying their tasty breakfast. Of course, if you’re feeling lazy just order in - you’ll never get bored of their pizzas.

  • La Pitahaya Vegana, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      The breakfast bowls here are the best, the only problem is that it opens at 10am so you might have to build up your hunger and have it for brunch instead (it’s worth the wait). Their tacos are also very famous, the one that appears on IG everyday is the pink tortilla with cashew cheese - it tastes better than it looks which I didn’t think was possible!

  • Pan D'Monium, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      A food stall that specialises in burgers. I’d go as far as saying that they’re some of the best burgers you’ll ever try...anywhere. I love the laid back atmosphere, the staff are super welcoming and the prices are really cheap. If you’re there at the weekend you can try out their pizzas.

  • Salvaxe, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      One word - PIZZA. That’s the main draw here and it won’t let you down. There’s a fusion here of Mexican and Italian food, all of which is Vegan. If you’re craving a proper pizza with a decent glass of wine in nice surroundings then Salvaxe. MX is for you.

  • Tacos Veganos, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      When you ask locals what’s the best vegan place in town this one usually tops the list. I was shocked by how cheap it is for what you get. There’s a small buffet of toppings which you can add to your tacos, I would’ve been happy with just the toppings they’re that good!

  • Malportaco, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      My go to place for a cold beer and tacos. It’s not a big place so be prepared to wait for a table, they also have outdoor seating too which is great if the weather is good. My group all agreed that the torta grosera was the best thing we ordered.

  • Gatorta, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      This vegan food stand has only been open a few years but has already become a favourite in the city. It’s so cheap I promise you’ll end up over ordering, that’s not an issue because everything tastes good especially the tortas. They even have donuts, get there early before they sell out.

  • Pan Comido, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      This quaint cafe has some great vegetarian options and arguably the best coffee int he city - lots of different milks to choose from too. As with most on this list the breakfast is always a hit, but it’s open until late so whenever you’re hungry Pan Comido is waiting.

  • Yug Vegetariano, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      An OG in the vegetarian restaurant game, Yug Vertariano has been open since 1963. The interior is a little dated but that just adds to the experience and gives you a sense of history. I recommend the chorizo made from soy here.

  • Vegamo MX, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      The menu names are the first things that will impress you here and so will what comes out of the kitchen. A hot spot for breakfast with locals possibly because the coffee is amazing. I love their vegan burger, I could eat it at anytime of day.

  • Vegan Inc., Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      It might not be the cheapest on this list but you have to visit. If you’re craving an acai bowl, pasta or some granola then Vegan Inc is your place. The only downside is that it’s in a mall - don’t let that put you off!

  • VEGuerrero, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      A cool restaurant with super freindly staff. It might not look like much from the outside but the food packs a punch. If you’ve got a sweet tooth try out the cheesecake if you got any room left.

  • Viko, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      A vegan taco stand to beat all taco stands. I discovered this unassuming restaurant whilst strolling through the city. Super cheap and it’s also a huge hit with meat lovers because the flavours are SO good!

  • Frutos Prohibidos - AMSTERDAM, Mexico

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    • onestep4ward

      A chain of restaurants in Mexico City which everyone knows and loves. The breakfast here is a winner. I recommend it because you can guarantee a good feed whichever of their branches you choose.