Traveling Solo in Costa Rica

Netanya Trimboli

I'll admit, solo travel is not my favorite. But I had a killer time in Costa Rica, because there was so much to do and everyone was so friendly. I made friends at hostels everywhere I went (except San Jose!) and had such an amazing time. Doesn't hurt that everything is so cheap either!

Rocking J's, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Cahuita, Monteverde, Montezuma, Gringo Petes, La Fortuna, San José

  • Rocking J's, Costa Rica

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    • netanyas

      This beach side hostel has really friendly staff and a cool vibe you can only find in Costa Rica. For just a few bucks a night, instead of a bed, you can sleep in a hammock! If that's not your speed, they have beds too.

  • Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

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    • netanyas

      This is more of a lively town than Cahuita and offers the same crystal clear, warm blue waters, plus every water sport and activity you can think of. It's a great place to end your trip, because you take a white water rafting trip that will drop you off back in San Jose to catch your flight!

  • Cahuita, Costa Rica

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    • netanyas

      The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is a must-visit! This is a very sleep town and a great place to chill out and play in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean ocean. And be on the lookout for sloths!

  • Monteverde, Costa Rica

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    • netanyas

      This place is know for zip lining and for good reason. With companies representing all different adrenaline levels, you can find one that fits your scare-threshold. Monteverde is also high up in the mountains and is often in the clouds, so it can be a very different temperature than the rest of the country.

  • Montezuma, Costa Rica

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    • netanyas

      This is a small beach town that often gets overlooked, but it's a great place for a chill experience in the beautiful outdoors. There's a small town on the beach, and you'll find live music, yoga classes and friendly locals. You can also take an organized hike and see monkeys, distinct birds, and other cool night life.

  • Gringo Petes in San José, Costa Rica

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    • netanyas

      This is an awesome hostel that has a great, homey vibe. I met so many people there and especially remember the big, open kitchen where people would congregate.

  • La Fortuna in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

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    • netanyas

      There is so much to do here! You can ride horses, see waterfalls, watch lava flow from the volcano, and experience natural hot springs. Although it's not by the beach, you'll want to stay for a few days to experience it all.

  • San José in San José, Costa Rica

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    • netanyas

      Skip it! Although you'll most likely fly in here, this is a dirty, big, busy city that has none of the natural beauty or welcoming vibe as the rest of the country. I only stayed one night and found the whole experience quite depressing.