The East Coast by Train

Netanya Trimboli

The best way to see the East Coast of the US is by train. It's quick, comfortable, and drops you off in the heart of the location your visiting. Although it's more expensive than the bus, it's way more reliable and that alone makes it worth it.

Richmond Main Street Station, Union Station, BWI Marshall Airport, Penn Station-Baltimore, North Philadelphia, Penn Station, Back Bay

  • Richmond Main Street Station in Richmond, United States

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      As the bookend to an East Coast tour, Richmond is about 2.5 hours from DC and a world away. It's very Southern, with the long drawl, hospitality, and homestyle cooking you'd expect. When you arrive you're right in downtown and can easily walk to your final destination.

  • Union Station in Washington, United States

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      About an hour south of Baltimore and 40 minutes south of BWI is Washington, DC. You'll get dropped off right on Capital Hill and can immediately start sightseeing or visiting museums. Or head underground and jump on the metro to wherever you're headed.

  • BWI Marshall Airport in Baltimore, United States

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      While this isn't a sight seeing stop, it's super convenient to have an airport directly on the train route. If you're driving, this airport is usually out of the way, but if you're a train rider, it's super convenient and BWI is known for having cheaper rates than other airports.

  • Penn Station-Baltimore in Baltimore, United States

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      Many people skip Baltimore on the way to DC, but it's a town full of character and grit and worth a day or two to explore. You can also take a free bus from the train station into town. If you there in the warmer months, it's worth the stop just for an old fashioned crab feast!

  • North Philadelphia in Philadelphia, United States

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      This train station is a little bit of a hike to the center of town, but not so bad on a nice day or just a short cab ride. Lots of great American history here and the Philly Cheesesteak won't disappoint either. Continue your journey south to Baltimore.

  • Penn Station in New York, United States

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      Located in the heart of Madison Square Garden, Penn Station is incredibly accessible to anywhere in NYC that you need to go. You don't even need to step outside to catch the metro, just walk underground to your next train. If you're continuing farther south, Philadelphia is less than 2 hours away.

  • Back Bay in Boston, United States

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      Hop on in the trendy neighborhood of Back Bay, being sure to grab some food from any of the restaurant nearby that are way better than what's on the train! (My one complaint of the train.) Next stop, NYC, at just under 4 hours away.