Places to Love in Michigan

Netanya Trimboli

Michigan has so many cool spots, you just have to know where to go to find them!

Detroit, Grand Rapids, Mackinac Island, Bloomfield Hills, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Torch Lake, Traverse City, Ann Arbor

  • Detroit, United States

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      Detroit has a bad rap, but there is so much character to the city. It's the birthplace of Motown, which is highly celebrated, and you'll find authentic Greektown, performing arts, professional sports, and even casinos!

  • Grand Rapids, United States

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      Grand Rapids is a fairly big city located near the water. There's a great downtown, but what's extra cool about this town is it's where American Pie was based off of!

  • Mackinac Island, United States

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      Pronounced "Mack-in-aw" this is a favorite vacation destination for locals. No cars are allowed on the island, making it feel like you've stepped back in time.

  • Bloomfield Hills, United States

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      This is the Beverly Hills of Michigan, but filled with mafioso history! These big mansions are where the mafia used to reside and it's beautiful to drive around. The best shopping in the state is nearby as well.

  • Upper Peninsula of Michigan, United States

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      That is way way north, but wow is it beautiful! You'll find striking views of the lake and mountains and it's no wonder it's a favorite spot for weddings. But even in June it can have a chill, so make sure to bring a sweater!

  • Torch Lake, United States

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      You've never seen a lake quite like this! With crystal waters, what you won't find is seaweed, mud, or some of the other less inviting things that typically come with lakes. On top of that, it's surprisingly shallow in parts, particularly near the famous sandbar. You can walk a few football fields without the water coming above your waist!

  • Traverse City, United States

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      Traverse City is the perfect little vacation town. Located on the water, it's a very walkable town with really great restaurants. In the summer, you'll find an ongoing carnival, a cherry festival, and other lively events, with golf courses and amusement parks nearby.

  • Ann Arbor, United States

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      The ultimate college town, check out fraternity row, the Big House - a football stadium that seats over 110,000 fans, and tons of cute shops and restaurants. Go Blue!