Most Romantic Spots Around the World

Netanya Trimboli

To me, there's nothing more romantic than a coastal destination. These are the places most idyllic to walk hand in hand with the apple of your eye. #SeekerChallenge

Cannes, Bottle Beach, Magnetic Island, Pescara, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Kapoho Tide Pools, Bronte Beach, Sorrento

  • Cannes in Cannes, France

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      Albeit a bit cliche, Cannes is classically romantic. This upscale town will make you feel famous just for being there, and it's not uncommon to be serenaded by street musicians as you walk by.

  • Bottle Beach in Ko Pha-ngan Sub-district, Thailand

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      Only accessible by boat, this pint-sized beach becomes your own private oasis. Stay in a bungalow on the beach and get couples massage ocean side. It's delightfully secluded and a million miles away.

  • Magnetic Island, Australia

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      This remote destination is filled with dense forest and surrounded by beaches. Rent an open air vehicle to get around, and driving is half the fun. You'll see koalas and colorful birds, and feel like you and your special someone are the only two people in the world.

  • Pescara, Italy

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      This less touristy destination in Italy is very walkable with all the right touches for a romantic getaway; expansive beaches by the ocean, endless seafood restaurants, and historic Italian charm. You'll be surrounded by locals, while enjoying world class gelato and wine.

  • Carmel-by-the-Sea, United States

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    • netanyas

      My favorite part of this charming town is sunset. Each night is a free show, where everyone gathers on the beach to watch the sun melt into the ocean.

  • Kapoho Tide Pools, United States

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    • netanyas

      Nothing is more romantic than stepping into a natural hot springs with your sweatheart and being the only two people for miles away. The Big Island of Hawaii has so many hot springs to choose from that have yet to be overrun by tourists. Enjoy your own private hot tub with views of the ocean, with the lush jungle as a backdrop.

  • Bronte Beach, Australia

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    • netanyas

      This locals-only type beach is sandwiched between the famed Bondi Beach and it's lesser known cousin, Coogee Beach. These two beaches are connected by a 6-kilometer hike along the cost, and right in the middle is Bronte Beach. It's the perfect spot for enjoying the beach with a loved one without an influx of tourists.

  • Sorrento, Italy

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    • netanyas

      Sorrento has all the perfect ingredients for a romantic destination: cobblestone streets, a beautiful ocean view, the scent of lemons in the air, and delicious, romantic restaurants at every turn. The town just begs for late night strolls along the water.