Do Before I Die

Netanya Trimboli

This is my must see list around the world before I die. #seekerchallenge

Grand Canyon, Cuba, Cook Islands, Kenya, Iceland, Alaska, Morocco, Belize, Greece

  • Grand Canyon, United States

    Image of Grand Canyon on Seeker
    • netanyas

      It would feel un-American to never make it here! I'd love to take my kids one day.

  • Cuba

    Image of Cuba on Seeker
    • netanyas

      I'm fascinated by the history and culture of Cuba and would love to get a firsthand experience.

  • Cook Islands

    Image of Cook Islands on Seeker
    • netanyas

      I would love to go to a far away island that most Americans haven't been to.

  • Kenya

    Image of Kenya on Seeker
    • netanyas

      I have to go on a real safari before I die!

  • Iceland

    Image of Iceland on Seeker
    • netanyas

      I feel like Iceland is becoming a little touristy, but I'd still love to check out all the unique things this country has to offer.

  • Alaska, United States

    Image of Alaska on Seeker
    • netanyas

      I've heard amazing things about summertime travel to Alaska and would love check it out!

  • Morocco

    Image of Morocco on Seeker
    • netanyas

      I find this place so fascinating and would love to explore the spice markets, among other things

  • Belize

    Image of Belize on Seeker
    • netanyas

      We were so close to coming here for our honeymoon, but went to Panama instead. If I had to do it over, I would have definitely chosen Belize!

  • Greece

    Image of Greece on Seeker
    • netanyas

      I've always wanted to visit this country. No specific itinerary in mind for now, but one day I'll create one!