Best playgrounds in the DC metro area

Netanya Trimboli

If you're visiting the DC area with kids and need to take a break from the museums to let them run around, check out this list.

Saint Stephens and Saint Agnes School Lower Campus, Benjamin Banneker Park, Fairlington Park, Quincy Park, Tyrol Hill Park, Bluemont Park, Rocky Run Park, Clemyjontri Park, Beauvoir Playground

  • Saint Stephens and Saint Agnes School Lower Campus in Alexandria, United States

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    • netanyas

      Amazing school with two parks. The big one has two zip lines. Hours of fun!

  • Benjamin Banneker Park in Arlington, United States

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  • Fairlington Park in Arlington, United States

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    • netanyas

      This park is a lot of fun for small and big kids. It's divided up so that the smaller kids have a mini ninja course, climbing structures, and swings on one side, and bigger kids have a huge climbing structure, catwalk, slides, and zip line on the other. There's also sandy area that kids can play in, plus a big field. They do a farmers market on the weekend, but the bathrooms aren't always open.

  • Quincy Park in Arlington, United States

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    • netanyas

      This updated, colorful park is great for smaller kids. It's fenced in and has fun, more unusual things to play on, with mini astroturf hills that kids love to climb on. There's a big field next to it as well. Bathrooms are available at the adjacent library, which is about a 5-minute walk.

  • Tyrol Hill Park in Arlington, United States

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    • netanyas

      This is a great way to add a hike and nature center to a playground. The playground has tons of cool, updates play structures, as well as a fenced in, mini soccer field, and it connects to a trail that takes you to Long Branch Nature Center. It's easier to find parking at the Nature Center than by the park, but it's about a mile hike. There's also a creek by the Nature Center that kids can play in. Bathrooms available at both spots.

  • Bluemont Park in Arlington, United States

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    • netanyas

      This is a vast recreational area spanning multiple city blocks. But if you go to the very end, you'll find a fenced in, shaded park that's great for hot days. To make it even better, there's a creek that kids are welcome to splash in and it keeps them entertained for hours. There's also fields, a bike path, picnic areas, and more.

  • Rocky Run Park in Arlington, United States

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    • netanyas

      Kids of all ages can stay here all day! They playground has a side for small kids under 5 and a side for bigger kids up to age 12. Each side has a ton of variety, plus there's another level with a huge field, as well as basketball courts, and pick up games are always happening. There's also a paved trail that goes around the whole area, which is great for bikes or scooters. Bathrooms are available and there's plenty of seating for adults.

  • Clemyjontri Park, United States

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    • netanyas

      Located near the CIA headquarters in a gorgeous neighborhood, this jumbo playground is great for kids under 7. The entire park has a soft ground, and with so much colorful, variety of equipment, your kids won't get bored. During the warmer months, they also have a carousel. They do different seasonal activities and bathrooms are open year-round. Parking can be tough, but there's an overflow lot a short walk away.

  • Beauvoir Playground in Washington, United States

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    • netanyas

      This is an elite private elementary school by the National Cathedral that allows public access to its expansive playground on the weekend. Designed by German engineers, this playground mimics the great outdoors and features plenty of things to climb on, a zip line, a big field, basketball hoops, and swings. The only downside is that there is no bathroom onsite. You have to walk to the National Cathedral, which can be a good 15-20 minutes roundtrip.