Best Food at the Best Price in DC Metro Area

Netanya Trimboli

There is so much good food in the DC area, and these are local insider tips to getting fine dining flavors at a budget-friendly price. Dinner for 2, following the recommendations, can be expected to total around $35-$45, not including drinks.

Tyson's Bagel Market, Liberty Barbecue, Kizuna Sushi & Ramen, Peking Gourmet Inn, Thai Signature Local Thai Street Food and Bar, ANKARA, Our Mom Eugenia - Mosaic, District Kitchen

  • Tyson's Bagel Market, United States

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  • Liberty Barbecue in Falls Church, United States

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  • Kizuna Sushi & Ramen, United States

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    • netanyas

      If you're shopping at the sprawling Tyson's Corner shopping district, this is the best place to grab a bit to eat. Choose from soul-soothing ramen, artful sushi, and a range of alluring appetizers, from tempura to bao buns. The hardest part is deciding what to order, but rest assured you can't go wrong! Appetizers are generously sized and only one is needed between two people if you are both getting ramen or an entree. It's also fun to share a few apps as your main course!

  • Peking Gourmet Inn in Falls Church, United States

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      The best, most authentic Chinese food in the DC area is outside the city center and found in the suburb of Falls Church. Unassuming on the outside, inside is a sprawling, bustling scene of large tables with lazy susans and Peking Duck being paraded around. This place is best enjoyed with a party of 4 or more. The huge dishes are designed to be shared and you'll want to try several things! Just don't order 1 entree for each person - way too much food!

  • Thai Signature Local Thai Street Food and Bar in Alexandria, United States

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      By far the best Thai food in the area! Even the dipping sauce for gyoza will amaze you. The flavors are elevated and mouth watering, with generous portions. Two people can share one or two appetizers plus an entree and be pleasantly stuffed.

  • ANKARA in Washington, United States

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    • netanyas

      Generous portions and delicious Turkish flavors are the hallmark of this spacious restaurant, located right in the center of Dupont. It's authentic and flavorful, and the pide options especially will fill you up. Go for 3 small plates or 2 small plates and one entree to share with one other person.

  • Our Mom Eugenia - Mosaic, United States

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    • netanyas

      I would put this restaurant up against any Jose Andres establishment! So many different flavors woven in to this Greek cuisine that makes vegetables just as exciting as star proteins. 3 small plates will leave two people quite satisfied, but 4 small plates won't break the bank either.

  • District Kitchen in Washington, United States

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    • netanyas

      Amazing Mid-Atlantic flavors and a seasonal menu in a trendy setting. You can't go wrong with the menu, but to optimize your spending, share everything with a friend. With two small plates and one entree, you both will have your belly stuffed, while licking your lips.