11 drives within 3 hours of Washington, DC

Netanya Trimboli

There are so many amazing places to visit within 3 hours of DC, with such a variety of experiences. Many could be standalone trips, while others make a great add-on when visiting the DC area.

Purcellville, Rehoboth Beach, Harpers Ferry, Philadelphia, Bethany Beach, Wintergreen, Atlantic City, Saint Michaels, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Lancaster

  • Purcellville, United States

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      This is the end (or beginning) of the W&OD Trail, a 45-mail paved bike trail that goes from Purceville all the way to DC. Purceville is also centrally located to Virginia's many wineries and has a small, but delicious food scene.

  • Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, United States

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      This vibey beach down has a traditional boardwalk, filled with games and rides, fun restaurants and night life, and everything else you can ask for in a beach town. It's youthful, but not as much of party scene as Dewey Beach.

  • Harpers Ferry, United States

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      Harpers Ferry is a really small, old town with early American history and tons of charm. There's not much to do in town, but the outdoor activities are why it's worth a visit. Washingtonians love to come here in the summer for river rafting and tubing, and you can also find hikes, ropes courses, and ziplining.

  • Philadelphia, United States

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      At just 2 hours away, and very accessible by train, Philly is really easy to get to from DC. Philly has a ton of history, a lot of grit, and those Philly Cheesesteaks are worth the hype!

  • Bethany Beach in Delaware, United States

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      This is a quintessential summer destination for Washingtonians. Less touristy than Dewey Beach, a lot of people who still want the boardwalk experience but in more low-key environment head here.

  • Wintergreen, United States

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      Reach some of the tallest mountains in VA in this beautiful ski town. Long slopes and really fun sledding is the hallmark of this destination, and there are tons of kid-friendly breweries and wineries nearby.

  • Atlantic City, United States

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      For a totally different experience, the lively casino town of Atlantic City is exactly 3 hours away. While not for everyone, it's fun to have a different change of pace at let loose! It's also part of the Jersey Shore, so in the summer, you can add on the beach experience.

  • Saint Michaels, United States

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      The Eastern Shore of Maryland is truly magical. You feel worlds away and are completely immersed in coastal living. St. Michaels is "fancy" part, but still totally approachable. Fun fact - St. Michaels is where Wedding Crashers was filmed!

  • Lynchburg, United States

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      The best part about Lynchburg is the Liberty Mountain Snowflex. They offer skiing year round, with or without snow! It's a great place for beginners to learn, and they offer $10 Tuesdays, where rentals and lift passes are just $10 per person.

  • Charlottesville, United States

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      Home to UVA and a ton of America history, this is a really university town. Tons of great wineries and the famous Monticello, where Thomas Jefferson used to live, is close by.

  • Lancaster, United States

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      If you have kids under 10, Lancaster is a must-visit stop just for Dutch Wonderland. It's an amusement park designed for small kids and it's so fun. The town has a ton of Amish culture as well, with great food (dairy, especially) and other fun experiences for families.